Wizard Barristers Episode 8 – “Saint Christopher Charm”


I hate beach episodes…

Flash Rating:4; Okay… again…


Cecil and Natsuna get to Cecil’s father house and share memories, while the Butterfly Benmashi enjoy summer in the America. The good times are cut short by attempts on each respective party’s life. A stranger attacks Cecil and Natsuna while Diana attacks the Benmashi.


I cannot say I did not see Kaede attacking Cecil and Natsuna coming. I did not expect attacks befalling the other Benmashi however. The Macal have finally come to light and now it is Cecil’s turn to take action. She takes the position at the end of the episode that her magic is hers alone.

Her father tells her not to use magic, meaning that he knows something she doesn’t know about her latent abilities, as well as the danger it poses. I believe he may have some connection to something. Moyo’s continued intervention has gotten eyes place on her by the Shark Barristers who just so happened to be near Cecil’s fathers house at the time. Clearly, they are suspect individuals as well.

Too many suspiscious things are coming to light, and there is no time to adequately resolve things.


Abrupt conflict resolution.

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