Mahou Sensou Episode 9 – “Prelude to Destruction”


Just a few more episodes…

Flash Rating: 4; Okay…


Ryuusenji awakens and the Trailers attack begins. Pendragon wizards teamed up with the Trailers to infiltrate and attack the student body of Subaru Magic Academy. Ida rushes to find his sister while Kurumi and Takeshi rush to find Gekkou. Gekkou attacks Takeshi incapacitating him and taking Twilight and Kurumi with him.


Randomly people attack! For the academy to be the safest place for the students to be while in the magic realm, yet still be attacked this fiercely is a complete farce. This just mirrors Harry Potter even more…

The only thing of merit to discuss this episode would be Takeshi’s pathetic fight against Gekkou. Takeshi was manhandled by Gekkou’s superior ability, and the funny thing is Gekkou has been fiddling with magic for much less time than Takeshi has. I would think Takeshi has the upper hand, apparently not. If you remember when Takeshi was having premonitions in the form of nightmares, the scene where Gekkou used his sword in this episode appears to mirror that scene. Also, Kurumi abducted in his dream, this also happened.

Twilight gave Takeshi one last thing before disappearing from him. A vision of his mother supposedly being killed by Gekkou. So, it is possible, that Takeshi will return home and await Gekkou, in order to thwart his plan, and in the process discover a power that would help him recover Twilight and save Kurumi. We will see during the course of the next episodes.


The Second Great Magic War has begun. More people will die.

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