Golden Time Episode 21 – “I’ll be back”

I'm late!

Banri just joined TSM and he is late for his first match!

Flash Rating: 8; Unchanged


The aftermath of Banri’s meltdown causes him to feel responsible for events that befall the Festival Club. Chinami opens up to Banri about her true feelings concerning Mitsuo. Banri’s stress causes him to forget his recent past again causing him to wonder if he will disappear altogether and hurt everyone, most importantly Kouko.


I have to say I am pretty shocked by what happened at the end of the episode. However, one thing makes me feel that this may not be what really happened. Kouko mentioned that she would not forgive Banri if he ran away, when she was there for him. Banri’s running away after Linda reminded him of everything might have prompted Kouko to force Banri’s hand, whether he would trust her or eventually fade away. My other hypothesis is that this might be just Banri hallucinating or just daydreaming before he runs into Kouko. It seems too random that he might walk off the train and run into Kouko coming out of the station with the ring in hand. Just a theory.

Chinami’s situation is something we have all known since she first rejected Mitsuo. I feel there was more to Chinami cutting her hair, because it resembles Linda’s hairstyle, it was probably unintentional however. This prompts me to ask, why do we play this aloof and distant disposition concerning the person in whom we have a romantic interest?


We are getting to the end of the ride. How will things play out?

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