Noragami: Episodes 7 & 8

Ah. Troubled youth these days.

Flash Rating: Up; 8/10. Lots of improvements so far in the series.

Episode 7 – “Uncertainty and Destiny”

Yukine has gone and run away again to seek shelter under Lord Tenjin. Hiyori pursues after Yukine only to learn from Lord Tenjin the dark reality of a Nora Regalia. While on her search, Hiyori gets caught by Kazuma, one of Bishamon’s Regalia, who informs her of Yato’s imminent demise if Yukine is not, “dealt with.” Yato ends up finding Yukine and takes him on some job runs, but Yukine’s klepto habits are hard to break and raise more concern towards Yato’s health.

Episode 8 – “Over the Line”

Yato ends up getting a job at a high school which causes a lot of tension in Yukine as he attempts to redefine himself. The kid who hired Yato for the job is constantly bullied and calls upon Yato in attempt to stop the bullying. Yukine breaks down and goes on a rampage breaking things within the school which takes its toll on Yato.



These two episodes are primarily centered around the relationship between Yato and Yukine. Yato is secretly playing the reluctant father figure by leaving Yukine to his own devices. While Yato is shouldering Yukine’s sins he is also making a huge effort to keep the rebellious teen from being influenced by Nora.

Bishamon and her Regalia display the core differences between the gods and their weapons. Every god treats their Regalia differently and so far we haven’t seen any of the gods treat their Regalia necessarily poorly regardless of Yato’s unfavorable leadership. Bishamon and her Regalia are like a team and each role is split to micromanaging a purpose. On the other hand, there is Kofuku who treats her Daikoku (and mostly everyone else) like a family member. We don’t really know Nora’s origins so we can’t determine how she had become the way she is especially towards Yato. As far as we do know, however, is that Regalia require a god and directly influence the god that they have a strong bond with.

In episode 8, we see what kind of torment Yukine is experiencing but if Yato was prepared for those implications especially in his condition, why did he take Yukine there in the first place? It seems Yato puts an extremely large amount of belief in Yukine. I say Yato believes in Yukine as in he doesn’t necessarily trust Yukine but has hope for him to overcome his troubles. I think after all that had happened, it really dawned on Yukine the burden Yato had been shouldering.

At this moment, you know shit is gonna get real.

At this moment, you know shit is gonna get real.

I didn’t forget about Hiyori! In both episodes, there are two moments where Hiyori has trouble picking up on Yato’s scent. It could be the blight causing his smell to be covered since the blight is influenced by phantoms and Regalia. What the problem is is that Hiyori had been avoiding becoming some sort of intervention between Yato and Yukine since she had discovered that Yato was ill. Getting near Yukine caused Yato trouble and I’m sure she understood Yato’s intentions with Yukine and even decided to give Yato a small lecture on treating Yukine better.

Lots of strong female leads recently. Not too bad.



I’d love to find out what is going to happen to Yato after that cliffhanger! I’m guessing everyone is going to work together to cleanse everyone but it seems since Yato has such a small influence considering how few jobs he gets, it may be difficult to get anyone to bat an eye in his direction.

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