Mahou Sensou Episode 8 – “Wizard Brace’s Darkness”

Room Check!

Room Check!

Flash Rating: 4; They used wands…


Wazushi, who has a different version of history to show Takeshi visits. Gekkou appears at the entrance ceremony and the two brothers begin to reconcile. Something seems to be off about Gekkou however.


An interesting development in one sense. This stark portrayal of the Wizard Brace provides a conflict that was missing from the series, and provides some information that could be theorized from easy to read clichés. What is meant here is mainly the original owner of Twilight being Takeshi’s mother. It was obvious that this might be a development, but only hurts the plot of Mahou Sensou, in its originality.

The history lesson on the origins of the Wizard Brace and Ghost Trailers was interesting. It helps to give some more definition to the organizations. I suppose it could not be helped that this portrayal of each group was given as thus, because there are not many ways to do it. One group has to be bad while the other is good. Although Kill la Kill may have executed this a little better. I am interested to see how this develops, but I do not expect good things.

Gekkous enrollment and his demeanor towards Takeshi is very suspect, and Takeshi was right to be suspect in the beginning, but with everyone pretty much telling Takeshi, “Your brother is messed up…,” makes things less genuine in a way. They both practice the same weapon so we see Gekkou is setting up to retrieve Twilight from Takeshi for the Trailers, as that was Wazushi’s demand as well.

In short, this episode was a little confusing because so many things happened, and now there are so many things that could happen. It seems apparent that one very obvious plot line will be followed, but one can hope that a more interesting route will be taken for the sake of an interesting story and not something to cliché.

One puzzling question I have is, if Takeshi can see a person’s true intention with his eye, should he not have noticed that the Director was hiding something about the Wizard Brace and the true story about the Magic War? It just seems convenient that Takeshi can now use this to determine whether people are lying or not as a means to create a path for the plot to continue down.


Not sure, I am interested, but I will just wait and see, so I can try to act surprised.

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