Golden Time Episode 20 – “His Chasm”


How I feel when I forget important information…

Flash Rating: 8; Unchanged


It is time for the festival and Banri has a crisis in the middle of the presentation. Banri asks acquaintances for advice on how to deliver the ring to Kouko.


This recent development was completely unexpected. It appears Banri experienced Retrograde Amnesia brought on by the stress from the Awa Dance in conjunction with the stress of trying to determine the best way to give Kouko his mother’s ring. This brings on an interesting development. Linda was the one to find Banri so I wonder if this will play into anything in the future. It makes sense that Linda might find Banri first, because she knows him well.

The hippocampus is related to memory and it can be said that it is shaped like a chasm. Retrograde amnesia affects the memory temporarily and the memory that was stored before the amnesiac event comes back to the forefront making a sharp change in things from one second to the next for the individual. A palpable interpretation of this can be seen in Nagi Asu, where Hikari and the other Shioshishio characters woke up from their hibernation, one moment they are at the chaotic Boat Ceremony, and the next they are five years in the future and everything around them has changed.

The use of Chasm in the episode title is analogous to Banri and potentially Mitsuo understandings of other people. In the case of Banri, it could be a few things such as his understand of the meaning of giving a ring to your girlfriend. The Tea Club girls claim this carries much more meaning than Banri initially believes. We could also look at his understanding of Chinami’s anger when she witness Banri’s jovial interaction with Linda last episode. We could also assume this is tied more to his past self, and the differences in who they love and the vastness of space between them in terms of time as well as just the distance between them after Ghost Banri let go on the bridge.

Mitsuo’s chasm relates to his understanding of women. The chasm between Kouko and himself is notable. The two were polar opposites on the spectrum; however, they are now a little friendlier now after the events of the series. Chinami is another example considering Mitsuo is putting such a distance between himself and Chinami after facing rejection. Mitsuo has not made the attempt to understand Chinami’s feelings and all this time we’ve seen her not so much suffering, but just downtrodden when it comes to Mitsuo’s evasiveness. Lastly, Mitsuo’s understand of Linda, here it is the contrary; Linda is forcing a distance between herself and Mitsuo because she may not want to hurt him, with the knowledge that she and Banri were close friends before his accident. Mitsuo deeply wishes to understand Linda, but his attempt to film the festival club only served to deepen the chasm between them. It does not help that the club president also seems to be interceding when Mitsuo attempts to speak with Linda.


Next episode is going to be interesting with the conclusion looming. Will Banri deliver the ring?

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