Nagi no Asukara: Episode 20 – “Sleeping Beauty”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 20 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.59_[2014.02.24_19.18.05]Those drawings on the wall…

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. Surprise surprise… Predictability not so good.

Hikari continues to visit his hometown of Shioshishio to find out an answer to waking up Manaka when he begins to feel hopeless in his efforts. Miuna also tries to figure out a method to wake up the “sleeping beauty,” and after some research with Sayu she thinks playing the Ofunehiki song will trigger an awakening. At the end of the day,and after Miuna learns from Tsumugu that he had a sadistic wish in order to keep Chisaki to himself, an argument with Hikari awakens our sleeping Manaka.


The moment everyone has been waiting for since the end of the first season but I found it quite lackluster. Assuming people have already watched the episode before deciding to happen across this post: I want to voice my slight disappointment with this episode. I felt Manaka’s awakening was a bit too sudden and wasn’t very linear with the pace of this episode. While everyone was spilling out emotion especially between Miuna, Tsumugu, and Hikari trying to figure out the secret of Manaka’s sleep; her awakening was too abrupt. It could be said that Hikari’s voice had to do with Manaka’s awakening but we won’t find that out until next week.

Hikari and Manaka are in similar dispositions based on how they conform to the person they have an interest in. Before the Ofunehiki, Hikari had learned to accept the surface people because of Manaka’s supposed interest in Tsumugu. On the other hand, Miuna is also putting in so much effort into figuring out the solution to waking Manaka despite her reluctance to losing her chance with Hikari.

On the topic of complicated: Chisaki and Tsumugu are in quite the similar pickle. Tsumugu in his position of being the silent observer and empathizing with others understands Miuna’s situation and confesses his sadistic feelings over his fear of losing Chisaki. This wouldn’t be the first time Tsumugu had revealed his emotions but it does confirm that Tsumugu isn’t a robot.

We are given two strong, and probably irrelevant, forewarnings. One is Hikari’s dream where Manaka is sitting over Hikari saying, “because I left, the sea and surface are freezing,” while her ena peels off. It can’t be sure what this means but since she has awoken it may just be a dream with no relevance to the story. Another change was the more colorful and vibrant ED now that Manaka has awoken. This also could just have to do with this episode or Manaka is here for good.


Manaka and everyone will take a visit to Shioshishio or possibly Manaka will share a secret that may trouble everyone. Miuna may get involved between Hikari and Manaka.

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