Music Mondays: “Retro Future Girls” by Shibayan Records


I don’t even touhou dude.

(album review)

Okay so first things first, I don’t really like touhou all that much. I’m aware of what the series is or tries to do, because I know for a fact that it’s doing something right: Make cute girls work hand in hand with a formidable bullet hell gameplay. I’ve never been too interested in any of it other than the fan music that has been produced. Well, that’s enough about touhou in this post. Frankly, this album does not need any prior knowledge of the universe or game to give it a chance. (other than that ZUN has some serious music talent)

Though my experience with the doujin-album realm is quite limited, I think it’s safe to say we’ve got quite the solid album here. Upbeat, always moving, and very disco orientated. There are some lengthy tracks here and there, but they’re dissmissible for being edm and having a consistent rhythm and addictive hook to each track. The electronic genre is a hard one to judge because majority of the tracks are extremely repetitive and you’d have to be really inexperienced to not expect a lot of that. With that said, the lengthier tracks provide repetitiveness and I could look over it. Yet, the only track I found it a bit hard to listen to was “Myonx7”. This album does feature a few vocal elements and the female on this track wasn’t all that spectacular and the rest of the song was more entertaining than hearing her voice which was a bit underwhelming to the rest of the production. That can be considered a pet peeve because the track is no where near bad, it’s just not my favorite. There’s not much else to say but that this is a multi artist album so there’s a bit of everything for any edm lover. Keep in mind that it is very discotheque and upbeat. No wub wubs or drone to throw anyone off.  (if you like artists like madeon or some of feed me’s older stuff this is right up your alley)

Overall, great  album. I recommend it to anyone trying to seek the potential in these fan made productions. This group really knows their stuff.

Score: 8/10

Favorite Tracks: Sakura Crash (LAZ), Super Fine Red (izna), Desert Years (yana)

Least Favorite Tracks: Myonx7 (3L), Phoenix (itori)

DL link:  Shibayan – Retro Future Girls 

I must thank and credit Eggmun for the inspiration and download link for this album review. Shoutouts to him~

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