Wizard Barristers Case 7 – “Maple Leaf in Canada”

Dat Character Design

Where have I see that face before?

Flash Rating: 4; I don’t know…


The Butterfly Benmashi travel to Boston for some overseas training. Cecil and Natsumi bond driving to Canada with a random passerby. The Shark boys make a sudden appearance.


This was extremely random character development. The purpose is to advance the plot, but this is so forced. All the events of this episode make little sense. It is still interesting to note, that Natsumi’s prudent nature is in stark contrast to her forbidden unrequited love. While she keeps the front of a hardworking Benmashi, she is secretly a home wrecker. She and Linda would not get along however. Natsumi’s hardened nature serves to show the resolve women must make to move up in a field dominated by men. This I believe is demonstrated in her working knowledge of cars, and her independence traveling Europe by herself.

The most annoying and startling things of this episode is the random hitchhiker that our female duo picked up and the criminal showing up. They almost immediately got comfortable with the person, although considering she was looking to be a Benmashi as well it is not so surprising. While it worked to get Natsumi and Cecil to grow friendly towards each other, it was too unbelievable. However, it is better than many of the cliché situations that happen to characters at a time like this.

The criminal showing up was expected considered Mitsuhisa kept making it obvious that Cecil was danger prone. However, for the Shark Law Office people to show up was unexpected and unneeded. I expect that there are some forces at work monitoring Cecil and still setting up circumstances to force her to use her magic to awaken the necessary magic for the Grimoire 365 Prophecy.



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