Mahou Sensou Episode 7 – “The Magic Sword’s Secret”


Flash Rating:4;Unchanged


Takeshi has bad dreams. Gekkou has some good news.


The only notable point of the show was the visions of the future Twilight showed Takeshi. The event can be left up to interpretation, but there are a few things that should happen if that is the case.

The first being Takeshi will see Kurumi being attacked and killed my some magical tentacle monster. Wazushi is seen talking to someone during the episode, so this may be a conversation between Wazushi and Gekkou. The last event is Gekkou wielding a sword similar to Twilight and casting a spell with a large radius. I do not expect these events to unfold exactly as show, as that is the caveat with future sight. However, the inevitable fight between Gekkou and Takeshi is made more cliché with this preview.

Takeshi is being set up as the typical ladies’ man, except he has no idea. The edition of Twilight/Eterna being portrayed as a female only serves to reinforce this fact. However, I would like to postulate that Violet had something up her sleeve. For that reason, I look at the recent event dubiously. This could have been a mission to collect data on Takeshi’s connection to Twilight and provide something for Gekkou to stand above Takeshi for revenge.


Cannot wait to see how this show will continue to flop.

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