Golden Time Episode 19 – “Night in Paris”

The Clooby

Chinami rockin’ the ‘Clooby’.

Flash Rating: 8; Unchanged


The second semester starts. Banri and Kouko continue to grow their relationship. Linda and Mitsuo have a fight causing Mitsuo to use a documentary as means to learn more about Linda. Chinami begins to grow suspicious of Banri and Linda’s closeness.


Tension is building and something is bound to happen. Chinami really likes Mitsuo, and seeing how he can be potentially hurt irks her to no end. Banri and Linda keeping their past relationship secret complicate things, but either way they lose. The lesser of the two evils would be to give a truncated version of their past, to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Despite their efforts to keep their past behind them, I believe Mitsuo will come across information that will change his perspective on their relationship.

On the one hand, I understand Banri’s hesitance to reveal his past, but on the other hand, to avoid conflict I think he and Kouko should be the ones to dispel all suspicion to keep anyone from being hurt. Call me naïve, or idealist, but that is my view.


Continuing college romance, and interpersonal conflicts.

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