Wizard Barristers Case 6 – “Hero Show”


I guess he really likes baseball…

Flash Rating: 4; The plot is going somewhere, but not in a good way


Cecil spends a weekend with Tsunomi. Startling revelations about Cecil’s coworkers.


This episode was slightly ridiculous to sit through. The fact that it is easy to manipulate situations to make it such that Cecil awakens new magic is confusing and uninteresting to some. Making it a one-episode endeavor makes it even more unappealing.

There are too many signs that are being ignored to keep the story going. Some things should have been resolved quicker, while others should have drawn out longer for more fleshed out develop in terms of plot and character development.

It seems more time is spent on the cameo appearances instead of deeper plot development. Wizard Barristers is shaping up to be a flop this season, but this is more for me than for anyone else. I usually have big expectations or medium expectations of shows I decide to watch. Overall, my posts are more than likely going to be super short, because I do not see much to analyze; partly because of my provincial mindset, and my poor attention to detail.


A little development and a lot of fluff.

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