Witch Craft Works Episode 6 – “Takamiya and his Trial of Love”


You don’ goofed…

Flash Rating: 5; Hilarity mixed with a little plot


Takamiya and Kagari begin to live together. Kasumi has other plans for her brother however. Mikage-Sensei is not who he appears, and relays some unsettling information to Takamiya. Medusa chills at Takamiya’s place.


For a second I was going to break something with this “Princess,” nonsense the school kept spouting. However, Kagari deftly took care of it.

The important things to note are the seals Takamiya has within him. It was correct to assume they are linked to the revival of the White Princess. But who is she? In addition, it seems Kazane is the one responsible for the seals, as well as Takamiya’s protection. I wonder what will happen once it is revealed that the seals are breaking. But this means that potentially the “white stuff,” is not magic potential, but Evermillion. And Chronoire was after releasing her. Meaning Evermillion is quite possibly the strongest Tower Witch, and potentially the one who will destroy the world.

It seems Takamiya will be put into sitations now that will force him to rely on her power which would slowly weaken the seals ultimately causing her release. This is eerily similar to Naruto in a way, but this has a definite ending, or at least we hope.


Takamiya learns of his position and his responsibilities next episode.

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