Nagi no Asukara: Episode 19 – “The Lost, Lost Little…”

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Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10.

Manaka has returned, however, she is still asleep with no due time for awakening. Since Manaka’s arrival, Chisaki and Miuna seem troubled which also causes tension between Tsumugu and Kaname. Chisaki attempts to visit Shioshishio after all the years and is aided by Hikari who is also visiting to find more answers about Manaka’s appearance on the hand of the sea god. Chisaki then explains to Hikari the rest of the Ofunehiki story which could tell the fate of Manaka.



So we transition our spotlight to Chisaki who is still having quite a bit of an identity crisis now that all of her friends have returned. Since her old friends have emerged she seems to have gone back to behaving similarly to how she had 5 years earlier. Kaname feels obvious angst especially towards Tsumugu and even says Chisaki had become an adult while Hikari says she hasn’t changed at all. Having everyone back is clearly healthy for Chisaki, but I feel that she is a bit confused based on the scene where she attempts to try on her old school girl uniform (brought on by her jealousy towards Miuna) followed by her fruitless attempt at getting wasted later that night. It’s a bit sad to see that she’s still stuck on Hikari, not because he is 5 years younger than her, but because she has trouble accepting the fact that he has no recolection of the past 5 years and also it increases the doubtful feeling that Manaka may never wake up.

I think I can understand Kaname’s angst throughout the series, but having been such a soft spoken character, you never really get the feel for his character. While Hikari still has his childish tendencies, Kaname has presented far more juvenile behaviors since the past few episodes. This angst can be similarly compared to Miuna’s jealousy towards Manaka and gives us a feeling that she (and even Chisaki) might be reluctant to have Manaka back. Though, we get an idea of their current feelings on the situation through their actions and expressions but I am not too sure.



I’m hoping to find out the final verdict on Manaka’s recovery. Her lost Ena supports the ending to the Ofunehiki story and her not able to wake up seems incredibly sad. I think Uroko will make another appearance sometime soon and confront everyone on the whole situation.

Also, don’t forget that there was still supposed to be a certain “calamity,” based on the prophecy.

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