Mahou Sensou Episode 6 – “Battle and Recovery”

Nise wo...

JIBUN W -ait… wrong show…

Flash Rating:4; Her weapon is a giant compass…


The quartet enacts their plan to recover Mui’s brother. The director fights her own battle revealing some of her shrouded past.


Nothing big to discuss here. It seems too simple for the group simply recovering Tsuganashi as they did. I believe there is more to it. However, with the loss of Tsuganashi the Trailers gained a stronger ally in Takeshi’s brother Gekkou.

Now that Gekkou has come into the fold, we know he is possibly going to be in school with Takeshi, and sow discord. The inevitable battle between estranged brothers will begin, and Takeshi’s friends might be caught in the middle. This conflict has been long forthcoming and I wonder how it will be executed.

The directors past seems fairly serious and considering she was once allies with the leader of the Ghost Trailers. She was even acquainted with the man who tried to destroy the world. She seems to be delaying his return somehow.

Of all the weapons, while Ida and Kurumi’s “weapons” were odd, the director has the oddest weapon a choice: a giant compass. It is interesting in its function, drawing perfect magic circles and unleashing devastating magic. I suppose it is more original than using a sword or a wand.


Next episode the sword tests Takeshi’s worth.

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