Golden Time Episode 18 – “My Hometown”

The choke!

Kouko should do MMA.

Flash Rating: 8; Still great


Banri goes to his class reunion meeting many unfamiliar faces. Later he has an encounter that may bring him a step closer to remembering his past.


Did I mention Kouko is insane? That is a good thing though.

It seems that Banri’s memory of the accident is coming back to him on the bridge. It only begs the question of whether Casper will do anything. Linda is also a liability. She may not be so conniving at the moment, but that does not mean she will not use this time to convey her feelings with Kouko out of the picture for a bit. It can be seen two ways with Linda working with her old classmates to make the reunion more comfortable for Banri in light of his amnesia. But I believe this was a mostly altruistic endeavor which was supported by Linda’s old classmates for Banri’s sake. Nevertheless, simple nametags would suffice.

Next, typically when an object cracks or breaks randomly it usually signifies an abrupt change in the character related to that item. When the mirror broke, it could mean one of two things: Banri has changed or Kouko has changed. It seems the former is more likely, with Banri seeing his accident firsthand, it seems he may go through a transformation of sorts. There is always the chance that Kouko is doing something crazy at Nana’s live performance also.


That ring looks fancy, is Banri gonna get it in?

Why does Nana always butt her head into things?

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