Noragami: Episode 6 – “Scary Person”

NPC Noragami - 06.mp4_snapshot_12.32_[2014.02.15_02.07.26]Where do your bullets come from?

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 7/10. More Yukine-centered development. Fight scenes are nice and intense.

Yukine is having trouble coping with his new lifestyle and ends up falling under anxiety and running away again. Yato ends up chasing after Yukine only to be interrupted by his old nemesis, Bishamon the strongest god of war. Hiyori requests the help of Kofuku who are able to fight and ward off Bishamon for the time being.



Yukine really is such a child. We have no past scenarios to base his actions on, for example, we don’t know what kind of person he was before he died and became a spirit. However, it is pretty clear that he deals with certain trauma and reacts with anxiousness and fear like any ordinary human would, especially under the circumstances of prior events in previous episodes. These actions make Yukine a very solid character albeit a bit strange and mysterious.

I feel like they place a bit too much humanity on the Regalia. Hiyori keeps having a certain reaction every time she hears about Yato killing a previous Regalia (which belonged to Bishamon). It’s implied that Yato used to be an apathetic god and wasn’t too hesitant to kill in order to stay existent. It does seem unusual that such a spiteful god like Bishamon is able to be in ownership of so many of her own Regalia while Yato has trouble keeping one – besides Nora. Though, unlike Yato, Bishamon doesn’t seem to treat her Regalia like a sentient being but rather as accessories.



Who are Bishamon’s Regalia and are the relevant to our main characters? I’m going to guess that we’re going to see a bit more involvement of the Regalia next episode as it seems there is some underlying connection with Hiyori, the gods, and all the Regalia that will lead to uncovering the main conflict.

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