Music Mondays: Black Lagoon Electronic Boogaloo


A feature on Proxy’s song “Who Are You?” and it’s connection to Black Lagoon.

So a while back when I was still into playing Halo 3, someone released a frag video/montage trailer that featured this song. It had an extremely addicting sound and the video came to be quite famous for that reason. Everyone who hears it can tell it samples some sort of Japanese media. Of course, little did I know, it was from Black Lagoon Season 2.

[WARNING: This Track constantly spews the F word. You might want to lower your volume as well.]

Not only are some voices sampled, but the drum beat from the beginning and fade before the drop stem from the scene’s bgm. I never caught on immediately because I originally watched Black Lagoon Dubbed in English. After going back and watching the Japanese Dub I found how cleverly this track sampled the scene. It’s really neat to connect one hobby to another through music. Sometimes they just slip by me.

The scene it samples starts at around the 9 minute mark:

Black Lagoon S2 Episode 22: “The Dark Tower”


(note: this is a very obscure sample and in no way was intended to be some sort of anime gimmick by the producer. Proxy is not known for it as he comes from a very semi-mainstream audience. He samples whatever he feels that would contribute to making a good track. Even the Bloody beetroots have remixed the track, but imo it falls incredibly flat compared to Proxy’s original electro version. Yes, electro. This is not considered Dubstep)

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One Response to Music Mondays: Black Lagoon Electronic Boogaloo

  1. musicrowgirl says:

    Great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check out my post today about Avicii

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