Mahou Sensou Episode 5 – “Magic Tests and Winter Vacation”

Vegeta got a new job...

Vegeta got a new job…


Flash Rating: 4; More bad development


The quartet prepares for their recovery operation and Gekkou has big news about school.


Im just disappointed.

Really? The Trailers approach Gekkou about enrolling in Subaru Magic Academy? Kurumi gets pissed about her fake boyfriend being in bed with her friend, FULLY CLOTHED FOR THAT MATTER, instead of dropping the more important bombshell. The director shows no qualms about it when Kurumi changes into a baby due to her magic. Very tongue in cheek.

I find it hard to believe that amateurs who just enrolled in the academy several months prior would have any chance to survive against magical experts. Their trick can only work so many times before someone counters it. So this exam and even the idea of setting up an operation to rescue Muis brother like that is pretty foolish.

Now we know how Gekkou enrolls at the academy, we also know how he received his new magical powers so now the question is how long until shit hits the fan. Gekkou will likely make moves on Kurumi since she probably wants nothing to do with Takeshi after he “cheated on her.” Still his fault regardless, how can a short girl overpower you like that? Just dumb.

Lastly, let’s briefly talk about how the director is brainwashing people to come to their side. That just makes each side equally dubious in this war. And the fact that they are okay with Ghost Trailers infiltrating the school is even more worrisome; it was supposed to be a safe haven, but it seems like that was just a joke.


Next time, a fight breaks out in the school yard.

Who is gonna get messed up next episode?

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