Golden Time Episode 17 – “Return to Yesterday”

College Sleepover!

College Sleepover!

Let’s tell scary story and see who wets the bed!

Flash Rating: 8; Everything is back to normal, or so it seems…


Summer activities resume with the festival club, and Linda tells Banri about a reunion back home. Mitsuo begins to dig into Linda’s past.


It feels like we have some build up between Linda and Mitsuo. I wonder how this will spill over, because Mitsuo looks pretty miffed. Chinami vaguely expresses her concerns over love when Kouko sleeps over, and its apparent now, if not before, that Chinami seems to have feelings for Mitsuo who has ignored Chinami’s existence ever since his confession debacle.

How will Banri’s reunion with old classmates go? Will people question Linda and Banri’s friendship? Will Mitsuo travel to Shizuoka to confront Linda and Banri about their untold past?

Other than that, take a lesson from the past Festival Club President kids, study hard, network and then you’ll find a good job.

College Graduate with no job...

College Graduate with no job…


Next time, “My Hometown,” Banri and Linda revisit “their spot.”

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