Witch Craft Works Episode 5 – “Takamiya-kun and his Trial of Love”


This must be what it feels like to be successful…

Flash Rating: 4; Unchanged. It’s not getting super good, but I’m starting to get interested.


Takamiya and Kagari move in together, but an unwelcome guest crashes their party.



Takamiya’s Mother


Evermillion, The White Princess
Mysterious witch who is connected Takamiya’s magic potential.


Late post… I’m just lazy…

A lot of information this episode. Takamiya and Kagari’s parents knew each other. Kagari and Takamiya knew each other as children, but seem to have been in an accident that caused amnesia. Evermillion seems to be related to the potential inside Takamiya. There is a war brewing.

It seems randomly convenient that their parents connected the leads.  Although it does not seem like that will be very important information. Although it begs the question, where are their fathers? Is it important that we have not seen them yet? The nickname Kagari’s mom had in high school, “Dragon Tooth,” seems relevant however, considering Kagari’s powered up form bears that of a dragon. I think that is it though.

Their knowing each other in the past is information we know, but now I wonder what happened to them when they were children. This makes the current story a little acceptable, because now Takamiya’s protection started later than his childhood.

Who is Evermillion? Is that Takamiya himself or that person that saved him from Medusa. Evermillion mentioned that there were more to be broken. The casual ‘deal with the devil,” was also dropped. I feel this has some significance, more towards the end of the world. This could be the “white stuff,” to which everyone refers.

Why is Medusa chilling with her cronies at the school infirmary right across from her enemies? Who is Evermillion? What caused the leads’ amnesia? The more we learn the more questions I want answered.


Life at the Takamiya household with their new tenant, Akaya Kagari.

Why are the women so stacked?

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