Noragami: Episode 5 – “Borderline”

Nightmare fuel.

Flash Rating: Up; 7/10.

Besides the chick riding a lion (srsly), character development is such a plus.

Hiyori deems Yato as an irresponsible and untrustworthy guardian of Yukine; she takes it upon herself to give him shelter against the pleas from Yato who is afflicted with pain whenever Yukine gets too close to Hiyori. Yukine tries to “borrow,” stuff from the mall; he runs away after being scolded by Hiyori and runs into a little girl, another lost spirit like himself. Phantoms appear and show Yukine the dark reality in the spirit world when the girl becomes possessed by the phantoms.


I’m feeling a lot more attachment to Yukine and Hiyori so far in the series. Things started out pretty bland, and even though there are still those cliche shoujo tropes to deal with, the characters really do stand out much more. There are some darker themes being introduced which contrast the usual eccentric Yato we were initially introduced to earlier.

What is it with everyone smelling each other? Not to say everyone has this sudden urge to sniff one another, but I’d like to point out that not only does Hiyori enjoy the smell of Yato and Yukine, all the other phantoms do as well. This episode would be the second time a bigger phantom has mentioned a nice smell; not including Hiyori of course. I have a feeling that we will get a better understanding of why this occurs later on but of course I can’t help but one thing does bug me of course: does Hiyori like the smell of Yukine and Yato because they really smell nice to her or due to her phantom partition? Maybe Hiyori has no real affection towards Yato and we are misinterpreting a looming desire to bring him harm rather than some romantic elements in the plot.

Girl… You’re practically asking to be groped.

I’d really like to get a better look at Yukine’s back story. I was hoping we would get to figure out this adolescent and his prodigal hidden potential. I really think that is what makes Yukine such an appealing character as well. He suffers from pubescent adolescence but stands out as strong willed and actually pretty damn cool looking. Let’s also not forget his empathetic side.

Is it just me or does this thing look and sound like Shao May (Panda Cat) from Brotherhood?

Is it just me or does this thing look and sound like Shao May (Panda Cat) from Brotherhood?


We gonna find out who this lion mounted chick is? I don’t know why I get this Bleach vibe from the preview… Can’t explain it. Oh well, lets find out who this “Scary Person,” is.

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