Wizard Barristers Episode 4 – “Personality Crisis”

Who should I bet on in the big game?

Flash Rating: 7; My curiosity is piqued.


A serial killer with multiple personalities and Cecil is being targeted.


I knew Shizumu was shady after he shot Mayu when she was about to reveal some important information. It seems he knows more about Cecil’s beads than she does so he may have connections to her father, of whom we know nothing. I believe he has the ability to manipulate the wind, judging from how he stopped Quinn from killing the guy at the beginning of the episode.

We learn that her beads were a gift from her father, to be a form a protection and something about a saint. So her father may be religious in some way. There could be religious Wud sects that will appear later; this is just speculation now.

It would be nice to know what is so special about Cecil, it seems that she is related to the Macal and Labone from the last episode. Likely magic sects or something. Cecil’s magic awakening probably corresponds to both sects, which would make her unique and instrumental in the prophecy of Grimoire 365.

So Moyoyo, another shady character. She is likely conspiring with Shizumu. She may be a paralegal, but the brother was excessively obvious about Moyoyo. If he was not concerned about anyone else but her, then she is going to prove to be a dangerous person later. The question is what is her motive?

Will the story turn out to be one where the main character has to save the world? Will her father be someone deeply related to the prophecy of Grimoire 365? Is the Chief Justice related to this latest incident? Will we get more interesting court cases?


The Shark boys return.

Which magical ability will Cecil awaken next?

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