Nagi no Asukara: Episode 17 – “The Sick Two”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 17 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.06_[2014.02.02_14.52.57]Late post but here it is! It’s Sayu’s time to shine.

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. The story should be closing up with only 9 episodes left.

Kaname shows up suddenly and is quickly reunited with Hikari, Chisaki, and Tsumugu. News of Kaname’s return spreads fast and Sayu is confused but still madly in love. While everyone is dealing with these sudden occurrences and conflicted about changes over the past 5 years, Tsumugu and his professor discover what seems to be a way into Shioshishio once again in order to discover the mystery of the hibernation.


Kaname stood as Nagi’s least influential character in the series up until before the Ofunehiki occurred. Now that he’s back and still as emotional he adds a bit of dynamic to the conflict here. Like Hikari, Kaname seems to reject the thought of everyone changing but continues to retain his composure. But unlike Hikari, he suddenly shows up with no spectacular entrance and only mentions that he heard the sound of sand falling. I’m starting to think that their awakenings aren’t coincidental and there is something that is selectively waking them up. I’ll add more details on that at the end of this discussion section.

Moving onto the other main spotlight of this episode is none other than Sayu. Last episode we had a whole lot of inner conflict with Miuna over her interest in Hikari, and even how it collided with her friendship with Sayu. This time around, Sayu is having trouble comprehending her thoughts and makes the attempt to take flight from her emotions only to be dragged back by Kaname. What I would love to see here is their blossoming interests with eachother. Kaname rejects change just as much as Hikari does; which even becomes a topic of concern among Miuna (who also rejects change and wishes to stay in love with Hikari) and Sayu (who wants to change to avoid heartbreak but ultimately is still stuck on Kaname). Why did Kaname even show up to catch Sayu like he had been waiting for her and what does that mean towards Chisaki? I think it’s safe to say Kaname took notice of Sayu the first time he encountered her and going on and mentioning to her their age difference when he confronts her. You’d think that after 5 years the love geometry would have died down but man is it ever more dramatic.

Miuna has had enough attention. Here’s more Sayu.

Before I touch on some speculations over the past few episodes there is one other event in this episode that stood out: the sound of the sand. In last season’s ED, you see scenes of Manaka alone while falling. You also see drawings of everyone in the show in the sand with no sight of any of the actual characters showing up (no other characters show up in this seasons ED also but each character represents a paper airplane). Lastly, in the final scene of the ED you see Manaka covered in sand next to an hour glass. Coincidence?

I parenthesized above: In this season’s ED you see Manaka’s back with paper airplanes representing the characters in the show. You also never see Manaka’s face which isn’t a very good foreshadow.


Alright! Speculations

It came to my attention, thanks to a comment in last week’s post, that Uroko might be up to no good. It’s actually a good point and I can see how that is possible. I’ll be brief but I’ll try to stay as reasonable as possible.

Starting from as early as Uroko trying to prevent Hikari and Akari from leaving Shioshishio, Uroko mumbles that he must protect them both and summons a vicious vortex to prevent them from leaving. The similar vortices occur during the Ofunehiki and Uroko even debilitates the head priest. I think the Ofunehiki was intentionally sabotaged in order to separate Manaka from Hikari and was planned for Manaka to replace Akari. I don’t have any evidence to back up my claim but speculations.

Let’s look ahead to the appearance of Hikari. When Hikari suddenly appears during the Tomoebi, a giant fish appears on the radar. That’s not all, keep in mind the sound that occurs during the Tomoebi: the same sound that Miuna hears when she obtains her Ena. Back on the giant fish, Uroko is simply the sea god’s scale so Hikari’s sudden return was probably influenced by none other than Manaka who had been sacrificed to the sea god. Uroko probably wouldn’t be too pleased that people are suddenly waking up early and might have tried to take it out on Miuna which ultimately allowed her to obtain her Ena.

Who exactly is Uroko and what influence does he really have on Hikari/Akari?



I think the town of Shioshishio isn’t going to be the same as before the Ofunehiki nor will the sleeping people be there to greet them (asleep of course). I have a feeling Miuna is much more important in the plot than expected and next episode could end up reflecting that.

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