Mahou Sensou Episode 4 – “Mui and Tsuganashi of the Ruined World”


Those brats and their dog can’t find me here!

Flash Rating: 5; cliché but slightly above bad


Mui tracks her brother down and Takeshi with Kurumi and Ida rush to her rescue. Subterfuge abounds at Subaru Magic Academy.



Kippei Wazushi(鷲津 吉平)
VA: Kazuya Nakai
Ghost Trailer member


Teacher at Subaru magic Academy


Is there something about penguins this season? Winter so penguins I suppose? Or maybe there are themes during different anime seasons that the community adds to the various shows. I do not know; I just want to know why there always seem to be these themes across certain shows in a season.

On to the show, it is admirable that Takeshi and the others want to save their friend, but it would have been wise to consult someone who was crazy enough to go with them. While the main forces of the Academy were dispatched, someone could have helped. They almost died and have little to nothing to show for it.

It is a development that a teacher at the Academy is a spy for the Trailers. This was foreseeable, but I was not paying attention when the character was first introduced.  They are intent on capturing Mui, but now that Takeshi has entered the fold, I wonder if there attention will not shift. They must be interested after they noticed Takeshi has “Twilight.” This could lead to some sort of friction between our heroes, to gain more Trailer members.


Some scintillating conversation between the Director and Violet-sensei.

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