Golden Time Episode 16 – “Wake Up Call”


I was just so hungry…

Rating: 8; Gripping and Emotional


Everyone comes to terms with their near death experience, Banri consoles Kouko and the two become closer.


Clooby made a good point about Golden Time and Nagi:

“Nagi the show about middle schoolers acting like adults, golden time the show about adults acting like middle schoolers.”

This is very true. Straight out of high school going into college, you feel like you have entered the adult world. You have, but you yourself are nowhere near mature enough to consider yourself an adult. You are still a child and just now learning to stand on your own feet. This episode everyone took the accident super serious, and it was the first time anyone took any real look at things around them.

Purely from the perspective of capturing life in the “golden time,” I believe that is being done here. Not everything can be captured because college life is different for everyone, but the elements here are all aspect that anyone in college has faced before I think. Maybe not so much if you were in a hard science major, because you spent more time studying than anything.

Banri makes a good point about the accident and the shame it incurs. You have to life with it. Let it define you but don’t let it destroy you.

Kouko is still great, but let Linda get some screen time. I wanna know why she is shacking up with Mitsuo. Chinami needs that fake blondes lovin’.


Next time, “Return to Yesterday,” things appear to be normal like before.

Will Banri turn to accept his past in order to move on with his life?

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