Witch Craft Works Episode 4 – “Takamiya-kun and his mean little sister”


These sluts have been working your streets madam.

 Flash Rating: 4; Boring


Takamiya’s sister is mighty suspiscious of his outings lately. Chronoire approaches Tanpopo and her group with a plan to defeat Kagari. Medusa escapes confinement.



A powerful Tower Witch with the power to destroy the world. The leader of Tanpopo’s group.


Kasumi Takamiya
VA: Ai Kiyano
Takamiya’s clingy sister. Also a Workshop Witch.


While I dislike everyone is turning out to be a witch, I suppose it makes a little sense that his sister is a witch too. That somewhat solves the question about who had been protecting him before Kagari, but not that much.

It is clear that everyone’s magic corresponds to something they keep close to them, seeing as how Takamiya’s sister summoned a giant teddy bear familiar. This leaves me to speculate Takamiya’s magic specialization.

What intentions does Chronoire have collecting the Tower Witches in the city? Will there be an all-out battle soon to defeat Kagari and capture Takamiya? What does it mean now that Medusa has broken free? If she can destroy the world, why not do it already? What is the point of Takamiya in that case?

I have nothing insightful for this episode. There is not really a deeper side to this show I think. A show about magical girls and the one guy who can use magic. A magical harem, the opposite of Negima in a sense (both are still harems however).


I see we waste no time meeting Medusa.

Is it really their job to protect the city?

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