Noragami: Episodes 3 & 4

Is it just me or does the writer really love cats?

Flash Rating: Up; 6/10. I lol’d.

Episode 3: “Some Divine Will”

This episode sheds a bit of light on the relationship between Yukine and Yato and Yato’s morals as a god. Under the request of Lord Tenjin, the god of learning, Yato is reunited with Mayu (formerly Tomone) to assist them on Yukine’s first job as a Regalia. Hiyori gets angered by Yato’s morals in regards to a human’s life and attempts to deal with the loose phantoms herself only to be rescued by Yato and Yukine.

Episode 4: “Where Happiness Lies”

After Yato and Hiyori get into a quarrel over Yato’s irresponsible spending habits, Yato takes both Hiyori and Yukine to see Kofuku, the god of poverty. The next half of the episode takes place during free fall as Yato “attempts,” to save a man falling to his death (where Kofuku turned out to be responsible for his grief) which allows Yukine to use his Regalia powers once again. Afterwards, Hiyori and Kofuku talk about Yato’s dark and bloody history.


[HorribleSubs] Noragami - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.26_[2014.01.28_22.22.38]Kofuku (小福)

VA: Aki Toyosaki
Eccentric and cute, this god of poverty is a close friend of Yato. She has a caring but devious nature and leaves destruction in her wake. A man attempts to commit suicide due to the aftermath of a relationship with Kofuku that left him poor and desperate.


The theme that arose in episode 3 was to never simply discard your life. Yato accidentally angers Hiyori because she took his words out of context when Yato seemed to disregard the lives of people who attempted to commit suicide. If a person was able to allow a phantom to posses them, it means they were unfit for becoming a Regalia; Hiyori realizes the meaning behind this: all the spirits that become Regalia struggle for life and continue to grasp onto the world of the living.

There is something that makes Yukine special that hasn’t quite been revealed yet. Yato gets a glimpse of Yukine’s past in episode 2 that makes him weep and seems pretty relevant to how Yukine is able to perform so incredible. At the end of episode 3 Yukine not only cuts through the phantom in one slash, but even takes out the surrounding environment far beyond his blade’s reach. Even in episode 4 he is able to sever the ties that put the falling business man in such despair (the guy’s name is Yusuke Urusawa but I’m pretty sure he’s not important to the overall story…).

Cant spell "Anime," without "Loli."

Cant spell “Anime,” without “Loli.”

I found episode 4 strangely to be far too entertaining. The whole falling gag scene was hilarious and great even taking up half of the episode; it even ended in showing off Yukine’s ability to cut a person’s ties with ease. The Capypa Land flashback and Yato’s weird interest in Capypas made me snort. It also introduces some new major characters and even Yato’s old Regalia. Also, the one thing that I realised at the end of this episode is that there is not yet any major conflicts. We get a glimpse of Yato’s history and catch sight of Nora, however those just build on Yato’s character development which is pretty good so far.

Was the only reason Yato introduced Yukine and Hiyori to Kofuku really just to serve as a plan B incase anything bad happened to Yato?


I dunno. Each episode so far has been going over character development. I’d like to see some more conflicts arising but based on generic shounen plots, I’d assume something apocalyptic. Based on the preview it looks like we get some tension between Hiyori and Yukine. Puberty is great.

I swear I’m gonna stop half-assing these posts lol. This series and ImoCho are so very relaxed, I’ll throw less discussion and more personal thoughts into later posts.

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