Wizard Barristers Episode 3 – “Love and Hate”


Always remember to stretch after a hard day of work.

Flash Rating: 7; Starting to get a generic feel but I will hold off. Still good for now.


Macal, Labone and Grimoire 365…Figures lurk in the shadow with motives linked to these three items. How does this new information concern Cecil? A new case surfaces connected to Hachi Mitsu’s past work as a prosecutor.



Kiba Sameoka(鮫岡 生羽)
VA:Junichi Suwabe
Wizard Barristers for Shark Knight Law Office


Shibuki Kujira(工白 志吹)
VA:Daisuke Ono
Wizard Barrister for Shark Knight Law Office


Mayu Saotome
Boyfriend of deceased Masato, the defendant of this case.


Masato Namase
Accused of killing his manager


This week’s case was interesting bringing up the problem with the system, being that prejudice can lead to unjust verdicts. It seems Hachi Mitsu was a little closer to Mayu than he was letting on. His protection when her boyfriend, Masato, went berserk at the case two years prior shows that. I would like to know where Mayu came across this “Labone, Macal and Grimoire 365,” information. It seems to be important enough to silence her.

It is clear that the Chief Justice is the puppeteer in this matter. What is not known is the importance of these events, and Cecil’s new magic awakening.

How exactly does one manifest their magic ability? We know that it usually manifests when the individual is going through puberty, but Hachi Mitsu acquired his much later. Also acquiring new magic seems to be uncommon as well. It seems that Cecil’s hair bead is related to magical awakening also. It has a magic symbol engraved in it, so that might be the reason why. There may also be a connection to her mother.

Lastly, who else was at the proceedings for the court case two years ago? It is clear that Masato did not act according to his will. Therefore, someone in the Benmashi business has the ability to manipulate people. There may be another case bringing this person into the light.


Will Hotarun get her first police case?

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