Nagi no Asukara: Episode 16 – “The Whispers of the Faraway Waves”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 16 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.05_[2014.01.26_00.17.33]Clooby is back (kinda)! I’ve been extremely busy for the past week and will be catching up on ImoCho and Noragami this week.

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. A bit of a disappointment this week but still adds up to the plot.

Hikari being back is getting along with everyone very well and even begins to attend school again sharing a class with Miuna and Sayu. After Akira comes down with the mumps, Hikari is left with Miuna – who also invites Sayu – to go into the city to get a new school uniform. Sayu ends up upset over feeling like the third-wheel and gets into a fight with Miuna; this causes Miyuna to run off and return back to Oshiooshi alone. Hikari finds Miuna at the same dock that she had run off to 5 years prior; a sudden accident pushes Miuna into the ocean where she is mysteriously granted Ena and is able to breathe underwater. The episode closes revealing an emerged and awoken Kaname.


I’ll start with two of my personal gripes about this episode. It somewhat bugs me how obnoxious Hikari is to Miuna and his overall attitude; his absence for 5 years including his flirtatious personality towards Miuna makes him look egotistical. He couldn’t let a second pass without teasing Miuna about something, not to mention that forced laughter which I could blame on the VA’s part.

The second gripe I had was how convenient it was for Miuna to suddenly obtain her own Ena. Based on what we understand from Nagi so far is that Ena, including the civilizations that live under the ocean, is that it is a naturally occurring phenomenon in this fictional world. I understand that having spirit fire and the whole Ofunehiki are fantasy aspects to the plot, and this scene in particular was to emphasize how much of the magical powers we no one seems to understand. I guess I just didn’t really like how Miuna was able to obtain Ena without any explanation. I’d like to see some clash between these magical occurrences against Tsumugu’s scientific studies.

So, Miuna is still madly in love with Hikari especially after 5 years time. Who would have thought a girl going through puberty would have stuck so strongly to a brotherly figure? It doesn’t really help the case of wincest with Hikari’s teasing despite acting like the senior to all those kids who are his age (speaking of the kids who are the same age, you NEVER see any of the kids from any other grades besides everyone from then and 5 years ago).

Miuna gains Ena even though shes only half blooded? I’m not sure how to interpret it besides: ALIENS. Or magic, but it’s already pretty clear due to the Ofunehiki that magic in this world is real and very possible. What is a bit unusual is that she gained the Ena with absolutely no precursor except for Kaname reemerging from his disappearance years prior. Could this have allowed the access to grow Ena and is it only applicable to those who have mixed blood? The only way I can see this as a huge significance is that it is a clue to future developments.

Hikari x Miuna



Kaname is going to be sorely annoyed because the last thing he saw before passing out was his romantic interest all grown up sharing a roof with the last guy he saw her with; to add insult to injury, Tsumugu is now in love with Chisaki and the vice versa is unknown.

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7 Responses to Nagi no Asukara: Episode 16 – “The Whispers of the Faraway Waves”

  1. John Samuel says:

    There were some visual triggers before the ena appeared on Miuna that make me think that Uroko-sama is already up, about, and meddling…

    • Clooby says:

      yeah in the OP uroko is sitting on that same crane that crashed. miuna probably plays a much bigger part later on just because of the ena. still couldnt help but feel it was a bit forced

      • John Samuel says:

        It certainly took me and at least one other by surprise, so points for handing me a completely unexpected moment that could change a whole bunch of things.

        I suspect that the events of the OfunehikI HAVE powered up the Sea God, and that the rules of the world are about to be changed. Miuna was just the first sign of it.

  2. John Samuel says:

    Also: take a close look at the final moments of the new OP. The hand that catches the umbrella ISN’T wearing a long sleeve coat/jacket/etc. I wonder who that could be…

  3. I never noticed the observations mentioned in the comments until I read them. Perhaps Uroku-sama really has something to do with the activation of Miuna’s Ena.

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