Witch Craft Works Episode 3 – “Takamiya and Chronoire’s Trap”


School is in session.

Flash Rating: 5; Elements are getting pretty stale, but I slightly interested nonetheless.


This episode Takamiya learns the basics of magic, and has a perilous encounter with Chronoire.


There were a few interesting things the episode, but of course the most interesting thing is… what does Takamiya’s sisters face look like. The big question however is what “contract” did Takamiya and Kagari make ages ago. Was it one that they both made individually in this period of time? Or was this something that spanned their bloodlines? Did Takamiya set things up then wipe his memory to protect himself? Kinda of like the events in Higashi no Eden? It is clear that his power is vast if even Kagari’s usage this episode did not tap the well of potential that Takamiya has.

It seems Takamiya is having second thoughts about things keeping the candy from their meeting with Chronoire.

It strikes me as vacuous that their clothes act as a sort of visual barrier to prevent non-witches from seeing them. But at the same time, if they were perfectly visible things would much different. Maybe similar to the state of things in Wizard Barristers.

I feel with the depiction of the candy, the “white stuff,” that the Tower Witches refer to is Takamiya’s soul. It may be that his soul is pure at the moment, I do not know how to quantify that, but that is just a speculation at this point.

Also interesting to note is that when Kagari “changed form,” her mantle changed to the form of a dragon. This could also be something to remember as it may be related to Takamiya and Kagari’s pact.

I am tired of the Kagari fan club. They are bovine in nature. But, you can see this all over the place even in ways that are not as transparent as this.

Their school is a school for witches, yet there are many normal students there. Why?

What does the six on Chronoire’s jacket stand for? It is possible it just goes with her name. But I wonder if there is anything more to it.

Takamiya loves penguins…


WE see the imouto! I am ready for this.

If Kuraishi is a cat, why are her familiars mecha-rabbits?

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