Mahou Sensou Episode 3 – “The Magic Academy and Love Fortunes”


Today, Ash begins his journey in the Ruined World!

Flash Rating: 5; Romance is bearable, but it is detracting from the main plot of the show.



The trio of newbies practice their magic. Questions about relationships and motives are posed. We learn about Takeshi’s past with Gekkou and Kurumi.



Why does Kurumi practice her magic in a lewd way? That seemed rather obligatory.

The music that opened this episode was very lighthearted which in light of the events that transpired last episode and the pending warfare, is very out of place.


WHEN DID THIS TURN INTO A ROMANCE? WHAT THE ****! To be fair the episode title clearly made it obvious that romance would be part of the plot of this episode. I only yearn for less of a focus on this later, and more of a focus on the plot, with the revival of the “Sleeping Prince” and the Ghost Trailers’ plans to destroy the world.

So now, we know what happened between Takeshi and Gekkou to put them at odd ends. A simple misunderstanding can blossom into an unquenchable hatred for someone. That seems to be the case here. I believe it is incredulous, but such is human nature. Although I wonder how Gekkou survived being rundown by a speeding car after Takeshi, purposefully or accidentally pushed him in the car’s path. I suppose that is harder to forgive than a brother stealing a girl is.

I wonder how Gekkou will go to see Takeshi when he mentions that he might make up with him. I also wonder how Kurumi will take the recent events. It is clear she does not like Mui much. I expect Kurumi will be more standoffish with her misconception that Mui told Takeshi to make up with Kurumi. Maybe this will actually play into some interesting drama to fuel the story, although I hope it moves in a good direction.



Mui, Tsuganashi and Takeshi have an eventful encounter. It seems more of the past will be shared, hopefully leading to some answers about Tsuganashi’s motives as well as the Ghost Trailers.

What sort of offence can Kurumi mount with her magic?

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