Golden Time Episode 15 – “Accident Beach”

GT EP15 SC11


Flash Rating: 8; I was on the edge of my seat.


Inclement weather does not stop the gang from going to the beach and Banri’s ghost retracts his ill intent.


College life. Going to the beach with friends. Having fun in the rain. Summer vacation…

There is not much to discuss in depth this episode. I will say Banri’s carefree attitude was infectious this episode. “It’s raining? So what? Let’s have fun in the rain!” Banri’s reaction to the rain, although reckless, is one that speaks more to the obstacles that you face in life. Instead of wallowing, bust through with enthusiasm and gusto. These are the golden years so enjoy them.

It is interesting that the ghost reconsiders when he is about to murder himself. Nevertheless, it seems like the doors he opened were the barriers, potentially that Banri had set up to block out the feelings he did not want to feel for Linda since he was with Kouko. Alternatively, they could be the things that stop him from remembering everything from his past. The problem is now, with all this what will happen.

Mitsuo’s situation has everyone on dancing around the glaringly obvious, Linda and Chinami. I think the events to follow concerning that will be even more interesting.

One last thing to say, the new OP is not so great. Everyone seems to agree on that, but I have a different view. The pacing of the song is abrupt and it seems completely random. However look at it this way, in a relationship when things get tumultuous you can feel like the world is crumbling around you. I feel that is what the the song was trying to mirror. One could say that this is foreshadowing a coming storm that Banri and Kouko need weather in order to maintain their relationship. The ED is cute.


Things do not look good at all.

Who was that on Mitsuo’s shirt?

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