Wizard Barristers Episode 2 – “Hard Case”

WB EP2 SC2My face when I see what Clooby adds to his food…

Flash Rating: 7; Unchanged
I feel I need to wait until there is a little more development before I make a decision.


Cecil and the agency seek evidence to acquit Kohinata. We also learn of Cecil’s true motive for becoming a Benmashi as such a young age.



Makusu Shimon(麻楠 史文)
VA: Rikiya Koyama
Supreme Court Chief Justice


I have to say I like the animation of WB. The characters and emotions are great and leave a warm feeling for me. The style of Wizard Barristers’ animation has been said to be sakuga. This based on the cursory research I have done can be good or bad. It can turn into a poorly drawn mess in a few episodes once the budget has been stretched thin, or it can be a masterpiece, but animation is only part of what makes an anime great. According to this “source,” Animation Bump is the Trope to which this refers. I believe the animation of shows like Kill la Kill, or Love Lab, where the initial episodes had amazingly fluid animation follow this trope. The subsequent episodes afforded a lower budget to the animation then look underwhelming compared to the start of the series. If anyone disagrees with my thoughts, please correct me. I am not very well read in animation or even all the effort that goes into making any cartoons, American, Japanese or otherwise.

At the moment, based on the preview, the animation will stay pretty consistent.

There is nothing more to delve into this episode. As far as dislikes, if I were fussy, the manner in which Ageha assisted Cecil to get a just verdict can be considered hackneyed or maybe it could be seen as disconcerting if she can manipulate evidence to get a favorable verdict. I do not want to speculate however, because I have no concrete basis.

One thing I do ponder is, what happens to the material that Cecil, or any wizard for that matter, uses to create their diaboloid? We do not see if the material returns back, or in the case of the cargo containers, what happens to the innards.

That Kite reference was nostalgic as well.



I believe we will learn more about some characters, and more cases.

What is with Seseri’s hair?

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