Space Dandy: Episode 2 – In search of the Golden Noodle!

the noodle way9

Welcome to the Noodle Way boys and girls, so buckle up them skin tight pants because, it’s going to be one helluva ride!


We start back momentarily after Dandy’s escape from giant aliens and nearly bombing a whole planet in the first episode to a registration office. The Tip from Meow of what thought to be unknown species, were already put in the universal archives and thus resulting the last mission a failure. Shortly after the disappointing discovery, Dandy learns how to cope with the new member Meow on his Space Vessel. Frustrated living with a loathing humanoid cat eating all the noodles. The Crew hits off on another adventures to get some Ramen, Ya hear? RAMEN!!!




Just what you think is a typical desk secretary, has a whole lot hidden under those lenses.

oh its just honey


Even though we had a short glimpse of her in the first episode. But we finally get to know her name “Honey” whose a bar hostess at the chain bar Boobies.



The Leader of the Golgol’s Empire 7th Fleet. He is in charged of pursuing and leading the assaults on Space Dandy. We have no motive to why yet?


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Although the synopsis above might describe a tangent course aside from Dandy’s Job and all we know the Golgol Empire still pursue him without truly knowing why? We are left to questions why is Dandy is such highly pursued by high ranking officials in constant basis. Can the crew just get some good Ramen to eat without getting shot by thugs? I’m totally fine with tangent plots and run on plot boards, since this is the only the 2nd episode of the series. It’s Quite funny the quest was to find the best perfect tasting Ramen, it adds to the silliness of the series.

What really stood out from this episode so far is that Shinichiro Watanabe did leave his famous chase scenes that he is well known for and highly remarked for. Inspired by many Hong Kong films the chase scenes with the choreograph or improve martial arts running and fighting in small dense areas. We seen this couple of time in Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo and now in Space Dandy with the neatly hit and run scenes that are really nicely animated. The short fight scene with Dandy somehow dodging a dozen lazer shots or running across bar tops or Scarlet pulling max velocity of barrage of hits on aliens was amazing. It mixes some Hong Kong cinema essences in Anime. But as these scenes are drawn, textures do seem to get bland and watered out as what seems the budget and time is covering that. Hopefully we do see these fluidic chase/fight scenes in the future.


What I really want to know is more about this Scarlet character that appears twice in this episode. What I thought to appear as a typical desk girl turn out to have more up her sleeves. That beautiful long hair appearance and that power to drive off a force from a bar. I hope she isn’t just a support character in the series or just a one time appearance. I really do hope we see her again in the series.

Also the Golgol Empire and what the hell did Dandy do? I have a feeling if the story behind this is misunderstood and it’s over something bizzare and stupid.

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