Mahou Sensou Episode 2 – “Another World”

They know how to get around.

Flash Rating: 6
Still the same for me. I’ll wait until something big happens to really start digging into the show.


Starting from where we left off, Mui takes Takeshi, Ida, and Kurumi to the Subaru Magic Academy to be patched up and decide their future. Meanwhile The Ghost Trailers begin moving in the shadows in relation to the “Sleeping Prince.”



Momoka Shijou (四条 桃花)
VA: Mikako Takanashi
Academy Director


Kazuma Ryuusenji
Ghost Trailers’ Leader


First, a little lesson to keep all the information intact. There are six Types of Magic Users: Evasive, Illusion, Destruction, Black, Acceleration, and Corporeal. Next, the medium through which the magicians activate their magic, an Aspect. Cleverly named, it is an aspect of their person that draws out their potential. Lastly, a year before the protagonists where born, the world was almost destroyed, and now they are living in the remnants of the war.

So they have opted to stay in the magical world even though they could all return back to normal lives. I understand Takeshi not wanting to go home. He said he would rather go the Hell if it would save him from the situation at home. Not sure how it can be that bad, but he is in “Hell” in the Ruined World. The “Hell” being Class C. Kurumi’s decision to stay was obvious since she really likes Takeshi and they are a couple or maybe not so much with the recent events. The enigma of the group is Ida, why did he stay. He has no real reason to be there.
Next, how is Momoka Shijou, a girl who is just about the same age as the protagonist, the Academy Director? She must be a very powerful magic user, or she uses illusory magic to conceal her true appearance. This would clarify up my questions about her. Is she related in any way to the Magic War 16 years ago? Does that war have any relation to Takeshi or the others? Was his mother a part of that war? What did they mean when people died from the Last Requiem spell? Was all of this covered up in one year so well that no one in the other world even remembers it? A lot of questions, and not many answers. But maybe we will see more in a few episodes.
The story brought out quite a bit of cliché conflicts and plots with magic. One is magic being superior, thus creating a cult of Magical Purists, the Ghost trailers. The other is the Wizard Brace or the people who wish to coexist with non-magicians. Then you have the people who lie in between. You cannot avoid having two sides I suppose, but the most cliché thing I guess is the destruction of the world through magic. I have to say I was a little let down when that was explained.
As for the Aspects, to whom did Twilight belong to before Takeshi? Why does the symbol on the sword bear a striking resemblance to Takeshi’s? Although it is interesting that he more or less has a functioning gunblade. On the other hand, maybe a Caster Gun might be more accurate since each bullet holds a different type of magic. This actually excites me because I personally love Outlaw Star.
The last thing I will bring up will be the Sleeping Prince. At the end of the story it was said that the magician who cast the spell disappeared or something to that effect. I believe that this “Sleeping Prince” is the man who tried to end the world 16 years ago.


A lot of tom-foolery and high school relationship stuff that does not belong in this show. Or maybe it will serve to flesh out the characters enough to give you more reason to like or hate them, ultimately deciding the fate of the show.
What does Gekkou know?

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