Golden Time Episode 14 – “Ladies Talk”

I think this is an accurate depiction of how I feel right now…

Flash Rating 8: Unchanged since the start

Kouko, Linda, College. That’s pretty much it.
I want Golden Time/Sweet & Sweet Cherry back!


Mitsuo has a girlfriend?! And an impromptu plan to hit the beach with friends before Kouko leaves for her family trip. Kouko and Chinami bond over swimsuit selection.


Linda is up to no good. Why would you go out with someone whose best friend happens to be a person with whom you cut all ties? This cannot be innocent, and it seems to be Linda’s way of sticking close to Banri. BUT, we just saw them get a bite to eat and that doesn’t mean much. We need to wait before we make any definitive conclusions about their relationship. Although Mitsuo pondering Linda’s hometown is a bit of an indicator.

Chinami seems odd. I still feel something is up with her. I believe that she likes Mitsuo; hence, Linda would make more enemies if she were just using Mitsuo.

I forget to mention…SWIMSUITS!!!

Very sparse discussion this time.
For questions:
What is the deal between Linda and Mitsuo?
What is Casper going to do now? He seems to have run out of steam “cursing” Banri, so what is his next course of action?


A tumultuous beach outing fraught with whimsical adventure and romantic tension.
What is Chinami going to do about living expenses?

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