Witch Craft Works Episode 2 – “Takamiya and the Witches’ Motive”

It’s a duel.

Rating: 4
Things are getting interesting but still stale. I want to know what all is going to happen next.


This episode we pretty much continue where we left off with Takamiya going to school and Kagari keeping him safe from the Tower Witches. This prompts Takamiya to ask for magic lessons for self-defence. Other witches begin to show up, to make matters worse.

New Characters:

Kazane Kagari (火々里 かざね)
VA: Sakaya Oohara
Ayaka’s mother and school headmaster. She also happens to the head of the local Workshop. She is older than she appears, and used to the friends with Chronoire.
Chronoire Shwartz VI((クロノワールシュヴァルツ・シックス)
VA: Rie Kugimiya
The leader of the Tower Witches. She is leading the charge to capture Takamiya and utilize his white stuff. She has the power of clairvoyance making her nigh unstoppable.
VA: Ai Matayoshi
Batman Witch
VA: Mari Shiraishi
Black Mage
VA: Yuka Kuroda
Tower Witch.
Touko Hio(氷尾 凍子)
VA: Kana Asumi
Maid at Le Grand Grimoire. She is on the board of the student government and is a fellow worshipper of Akaya Kagari.


Alright so quite a bit of knowledge was dropped on us.
I will begin from the beginning and continue. Takamiya is special, that is why Kagari is protecting him and the Tower is after him. He would bring about the infamous Walpurgis Night… WHY DOES THIS EVENT HAPPEN IN ANYTHING MAGIC RELATED IN ANIME? Is there nothing else in the realm of magic? I think people need to take a look at harry potter again and see what J.K Rowling did and attempt to mimic that or just come up with anything that avoid the use of Walpurgis. This is just a cop out to make the plot progress in a certain way. Takamiya is just for the sake of plot, but he seems to be thinking a little. It would make sense to just keep him away from the world to avoid its destruction.
Defense is hardly the best way to fend off foes. Takamiya is helpless, and even if he learns magic, I find it hard to believe that he would ever reach the level of the most powerful witch in the world (sorry warlock). Nevertheless, he is taking an active role in his fate instead of being a bystander and that is commendable.

Next, we have the two factions of witches. The first being the good guys or the Workshop witches. We see them portrayed and Harry Potter or even Merlin-esque. Using their power to good intentions and keeping the other faction in check. That would be the Tower witches, who are portrayed as something out of The Wizard of Oz. A very cliché portrayal but not far from the truth, they are cute however so that is one thing they have on the Wicked Witch.

We are told the witches congregate in Workshops, hence the name. That is their hub of activity. It just so happens that the school Takamiya has been attending is the Workshop for his city. Okay….

Finally, it seems everyone and their mother is out to get Takamiya. So it begs the question. Why was he not apprehended before? All this time he has been going around without much of a care in the world, then suddenly in high school, witches are hunting him, seemingly from all over, for his “white stuff”. We now know that this is not to be mistaken for the other white stuff…the fried albumen of an egg DUH. Perverts. But in due time we will come to understand what this is. It’s possible something that manifests at a certain age, and he just so happens to be chocked full of it. Maybe he is a jedi, that Midi-chlorian…

What did I like this episode? Kuraishi with that gag on was pretty hilarious if not somewhat arousing. Kagari of course, because she not only hot, but she is hooooooootttt.


Did not like busty bimbo maid-san. Her boobs literally froze Takamiya’s ice cream.

It is also interesting to note that witches seems to be capable of more than just the elemental magic. Kagari can implant a suggestion in your mind and it seems they are all capable of stopping all aging, based on her mother’s conversation with Chronoire. They are pretty much the same at the Cantus users of Shinsekai Yori, but they do not engage in sexual relations with a person of the same sex in their teen years.

One last thing to note was that Kagari was injured instead of Takamiya. We saw some sort of jewel for a split second. I would like to believe that the two are connected, but for now, we do not know. But it seems that if Takamiya is harmed Kagari will take the brunt of the damage.

Now for a few random tidbits. Why was Takamiya’s sister following him around the entire day? Why was Takamiya making that wooden figure? Who is Medusa? Why is the mall selling witch hats?


Hogawartz School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is now in session…
Why is Snake so interested in Takamiya? Is it nano machines?


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