Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 1 – “Lady Justice – Sword and Scales”

WB EP1 SC1Let’s get started

• Good Animation
• Good Music
• Fun Characters
• Interesting Story
• Similar Faces
• Somewhat annoying VAs

Flash Rating: 7
Not super amazing right off the bat, but I like it so far.


In the year 2018, humans and magic users commonly referred to as Wud coexist. Wud have a bad reputation, as they are all considered criminals. When a crime is committed Wud are appointed a Benmashi, or an attorney who is also a magic user. Wizard Barristers follows the path of Cecil Sudou, on her path to becoming the best Benmashi. This episode we see as she receives her first case and deals with the stigma that comes along with it.



Cecil Sudou (須藤 セシル)
VA: Rui Tanabe
The main character, Cecil is a 17-year old Benmashi, the youngest in history. She also appears to be well adept in magic, surprising her colleagues. She grew up in Canada returning to Japan to be a Benmashi. She has a familiar named Nana Genie.
Nana Genie(ナナジーニィ)
VA: Norio Wakamoto
Cecil’s familiar. He helps her with things whether it be assistance waking up in the morning or help on a case. She also enlists Nana Genie’s help in relieving stress from a hard day’s work, however Nana Genie has other methods in mind…
Ageha Chouno(蝶野 アゲハ)
VA: Ayumi Tsunematsu
The lead attorney and founder of Butterfly. She and her brother Seseri hand out cases to the Benmashi and keep them in order. Ageha tends to me much more freely than Seseri. She has butterfly hair ties that give her cute and voluminous pigtails.
Seseri Chouno(蝶野 セセリ)
VA: Wataru Takagi
Seseri is Ageha’s younger brother, and is the strict one around the office. He castigates any and all infractions that the employees make. He has blue hair and curls in and out depending on his emotional state.
Shizumu Ekusou(柄工双 静夢)
VA: Katsuyuki Konishi
A detective of the human police force. He and his partner Quinn handle the cases dealing with Wud, and they personally take down any offenders.
Quinn Erari(江来利 クイン)
VA: Marina Inoue
A detective. She is a rough woman, who seems to hold most magic users in contempt. She seems to know something about Cecil that has not been announced yet.
Mitsuhisa Hachiya(蜂谷 ミツヒサ)
VA: Hiroki Touchi
A quiet Benmashi. Not much is known about him yet. He has a scar over his eye, likely from a past case, and it serves to remind him to not be so “naïve.”
Hotaru Natsuna(穂樽 夏菜)
VA: Kei Shindou
A new employee at Butterfly. She joined the same time Cecil did, and she takes a very similar approach to her work as Seseri. She is very serious about what she does and will not allow for any tomfoolery.
Tsunomi Kabutohara(甲原 角美)
VA: Miho Arakawa
One of the Cecil’s senior colleagues.
Moyo Tento(天刀 もよ)
VA: Ayana Taketatsu
One of Cecil’s colleagues. She has a very boisterous and free personality. She is a paralegal, so she does not take direct part in the casework, but does much of the behinds the scenes work at Butterfly.
Koromo Sasori(左反 衣)
VA: Rumi Ookubo
She is another one of the Benmashi at Butterfly. Koromo is a fun but mature member. She is assigned to work with Cecil on her first case, and gives her tips on what she can do to improve her appeal to facilitate justice.
Souta Kohinata
Cecil’s first client as a Benmashi.
Other as of yet unnamed characters


Wizard Barristers seems interesting. So far, it seems like cases will not be done in one episode so that is helpful. There seems to be a few things going on here. One Cecil met with a “condemned criminal,” seemingly likened to death row inmates. It seems this person was her mother or related by blood based on the hair colour although eye colour does not match. Then there is also the group that was watching Cecil as she took the case of the young man at the bank. They are likely connected to the attack at the end of the episode that got Cecil in trouble. I might even go as far to say that they might know some more about the mysterious group that tried to rob the bank this episode. Lastly, the other newbie at Butteryfly, seems to be a very straitlaced girl, but why is she like that? I suppose it might not be such an important question, but Hotarun seems like she might be important as well.

For now, I suppose the only thing I dislike and like was Sasori’s cleavage. It was there, but not so in the way that it was super distracting. There is something that applies to all the women in general: their VA. I feel like their VA are a throwback to circa Y2K when the voices would portray these super cute super young girls. It is somewhat annoying how cutesy they are after a bit.
I liked the art style, as it reminded me of Kite and Mezzo Forte. While those both may have been hentai, with some gore, Wizard Barristers has a chance of standing out this season. For me it already stands out with this art style, and the fact that the director and original creator from Kite is also leading much of the work for Wizard Barristers. Therefore, I am expecting this show to do very well in terms of story, animation, and maybe music. It was not that bad.
I think this story setting makes for some interesting developments, and for a short series, it might work out to be interesting. I can see a little bad coming out of it, with Cecil coming to the town to work and all of a sudden, there is a sharp spike in crime activities. Such serendipitous events make a hard to believe story. However, when magic is involved, one can hardly ask for a believable story. If this turns out to be another Psycho Pass, I’ll be sad.
What is the aim of that group of individuals? What is the identity of the woman with whom Cecil was meeting? Will Cecil get that young man acquitted? What is the extent of her abilities? Why is she so much of a prodigy? What does the detective know about Cecil?
Usually when someone pushes themselves very hard to reach a goal, it’s more than likely for someone else.
Metalmoloid – golems created from surrounding material to do their masters bidding


With Cecil in trouble from the last episode, we see she has to deal with that, in addition to closing the case with her client. Along with that, we see that Cecil has some other obstacles to overcome. How will she fare?
Also, will we see an “OBJECTION”?

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