Nagi no Asukara: Episode 14 – “The Promised Day”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 14 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.21_[2014.01.10_23.40.58]Nagi returns from the two week break with a more legal grown up Miuna. Oh and there’s a new OP and ED too.

Flash Rating: Unchanged – 9/10

5 years have passed and we get to see the aftermath of the Ofunehiki 5 years prior when Hikari, Manaka, and Kaname disappear. Chisaki is living with Tsumugu and studying nursing in college while taking care of Tsumugu’s grandfather in the hospital after his health declined. It is the day of the Tomoebi, which occurs at night due to the climate change, and during the phenomenon the ocean shines suddenly revealing Hikari who hasn’t aged a day since the accident.


New OP and ED! Both just as great as last season’s.

Chisaki, Tsumugu, Miuna, and Sayu are all grown up now and Miuna is now roughly the age of Hikari before he disappeared. See what I am getting at? Hikari appearing like a day hadn’t passed was a bit of a shock but this development opens up so many opportunities for some good juicy drama! Chisaki is now 5 years too old for Hikari, Miuna is of age for Hikari despite being in-laws, Kaname is probably going to show up and that means good stuff for Sayu, and also since Hikari showed up without having aged, this means the same for Kaname and Manaka. Sorry Tsumugu, even though you can never tell what his feelings on these events are. Tsumugu seems to be much closer with Chisaki, which is an obvious development, and you never knew his feelings towards Manaka nor his feelings towards everyone in general.

While we see Chisaki and Akari 5 years later living normal lives, Miuna grows up exceptionally well. It was already evident that Akari and Chisaki would take the event extremely harshly but Miuna on the other hand stays strong for both Akari and herself. Miuna’s father isn’t seen much during the flashback scenes (most likely for just being a supporting character and also to support the family) so we see little Miuna taking care of the pregnant Akari. I felt like Miuna was taking after Manaka quite a bit but that might just be me. Even in Chisaki’s case, Tsumugu’s grandfather sympathizing towards Akari so he took Chisaki under his roof. Though she didn’t seem to cope as well as Akari had, she still had support. I can only question on what her drive was to become a nurse.

Tsumugu the unimpressionable.. This guy is so hard to read and you know he has changed that little bit but he still has little to no facial expression during any event. He shows discomfort when his grandfather is taken to the hospital and a little frustration at his professor when he instigates about Chisaki. The show never gets his actual reaction to the whole Ofunehiki or even the fact that he was forced to share the house with an amazing blue-eyed beauty for years. As much as I like this show, I’m not enjoying Tsumugu’s part but with the appearance of Hikari you already know things are going to be happening quick.

Major scene and the best part of this show after the two week break was the Tomoebi scene. The Tomoebi is especially the most magical phenomenon in this show but with it bringing Hikari from nothingness means a whole lot of explaining has to be done; and does this mean Kaname is going to show up next year? Also, that moment when Hikari is hit with the realization that he lost 5 years of his life and Manaka wasn’t there broke a bunch of my feels bones; even the disaster of a confession to Miuna leading straight into her love interest not even recognizing her after 5 years of absence. I could say it was all so coincidental but coming from a show with this amazing of a story, those little things are completely overlooked.

I’m a bit curious how Akari and Hikari are special in this scenario. Uroko-sama mentions in an earlier episode that he made a “promise” to protect “them.” Which would explain why their father and Uroko-sama were so hellbent on getting them back into the sea. With both HIkari and Akari now on the surface, Uroko will probably making a grand appearance soon (he’s in the ED anyway). Does Uroko have something to do with the giant fish appearing on the radar?

I like this kid already.


I predict that we’re gonna get one hell of a drama storm and some more tears from little Miuna. The preview says a bunch especially regarding Hikari’s sudden appearance but everything is left up to speculation and I really don’t want to say. Kaname should have some sort of showing coming up soon and I’d really like to hear his thoughts on the now 5 year older Chisaki. What you gonna do about the underaged Hikari, Chisaki? Hue.

NPC Talk

This little portion below is Lacendeus and myself talking about the show through Google Docs, so every sentence is a reply to another sentence in each paragraph. It’s weird but we do how we do. As you can see we notice all the little things that occur in the show but sometimes we don’t throw them in our articles until after discussing them among ourselves. Blue is Clue, Red is Lacendeus.

i’ll have to plug that in somewhere near the top. tsumugu is like shun. gawddammit. not sure if its good to make the parallel about shinsekai now. probably wait until Kaname shows up. yeah, especially with the VA. i’ll keep a note of it and bring it up first thing in next post.well not first but ya know. im thinking kaname is due to show up soon.ah yeah. i’m not too sure, i think its just gonna be something to add romance between sayu and him. i mean WHY NOT. you know its gonna happen. and chisaki has been awake for the past 5 years so shes not gonna see hikari and kaname the same since they havent changed a day but it will be way more acceptable for miuna and sayu. tsumugu just gonna be.. fucking fishes. no ides how he feels about all this shit. OH FUCK why did the giant fish show up on the radar?! :O oh snap. oh. yeah. everything is frozen. BUT THE GIANT FISH MAN. i dont wanna make too many abstract connections until next week but man. good podcast material.

I feel since hikari washed up on the shore. Kaname may do the same thing, and he’ll just show up when things are starting to slow down with drama. Kaname will probably know a bit more about what is going on as well. iono, I think hes definitly going to be forward with chisaki again, sayu will make her feelings known as well since they(hikari and kaname) havent aged.

In short yea there will def be drama, but i think if both of them come back, thats too much drama at once. tsumugu is thinking, about tomoebis connection to everything. I think he has feelings for chisaki, but he doesnt want to fall for her. thats a good question. is that the entity responsible for the storm that keeps anyone from entering oshishio. Also since i just watched majoras mask speed run, its slightly reminiscent of great bay region. well thats zora domain in OOT so thats another good point

wow MP in 1hr 24 min  

the problem is we dont wanna spoil richard and cruc well richard is watching

It wont be the exact same, but its interesting to note these shows had a similar set up, events transpired differently, but both left similar feelings after each episode. And left you wanting so much more.

Also talk about the parallel to shinsekai, you mentioned it last post, but here with the time skip you can elaborate, that is something people might be interested in. Give you more information . yea, chisaki is saki, makana is maria, they have same VA anyway. hikari is shun, dunno if he could be satoru. but kaname, and tsumugu are more shun-like hikari is prolly satoru and kaname just doesnt exist.

I would also like to know what Uroko knows about the last sacrifice for the Boat Ceremony. Becuase I feel he has some feelings there, even though Uroko doesn’t really show anything.

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