Space Dandy: Episode 1 – “Enter the Pompadour edge of the Galaxy!”


Space Dandy the Galactic Space Explorer with high ambition and curiosity that looms throughout the galaxy. All the ladies love him!

Title: Space Dandy (スペース☆ダンディ)

Studio: Bones

Join Space Dandy, the one sexy pompadour stud in skin tight latex through the vast journey of the universe. Alongside with his trusty robot QT in search of discovery new species while fighting space aliens! This is one hell of an adventure that all the bodacious ladies will love to see!


Space Dandy mmff

Dandy (ダンディ)

va: Junichi Suwabe

The egocentric suave main protagonists standing tall with his slick back greasy hair. He is out and ready to explore the galaxy at any time and fight space aliens for glory.



va: Uki Satake

Dandy’s most trusted partner that is a Robot.

Meow SD mmf

Meow (ミャウ)

va: Hiroyuki Yoshino

An Alien species that best matches a humanoid cat.


When I first of Space Dandy, I didn’t know what to think. It sounded like an old 50’s sitcom inspired by the events of Roswell, New Mexico crash in 1940 something, when everyone fantasized space adventures. The Vintage retro stylized Space fantasy with space explorers wearing tight spandex suits with slick back greasers 50’s hair due tells me “Take this show with a grains of salt, please” appeals so much to this goofy show. There wasn’t much plot explanation for the pilot episode. Just screen time with our main protagonists as more sort of an introductory. We get to know this Space Dandy the Alien Hunter who highly praises himself doing things he does in his daily routine. His personality traits are shown as he enjoy showboating to girls and thirsty for that booty, if you know what I mean? Whilst his Robot partner QT fails to understand why he likes big breasted women or his goofy personality. We see the relationship between partner to partner.

Whilst we get to know the protagonists, we don’t know any factions or any much more characters besides the ones listed above. While Dandy and QT meets Meow at the bar called “Boobies” Yes…. Boobies. Dandy gets a tip to find more unknown species to record in his log. So there on Dandy and crew goes on their exploration, get caught up in some weird sticky situation and some hows half-ass his way out. He fights the unknown in some wacky chase scenes and battles. This self righteous narcissistic hero being cocky in his choices and adding more oil to the fire just keep making this episode funnier. He’s a sight for laughter and it’s something to like about him.


Well as we got to know Dandy pretty well, we didn’t see much of any character interests besides QT being a friend and Dandy meeting Meow. What hinted me the most was glimpse of a big fleet, that is mention briefly in between the intervals. Did Dandy have some previous history with some sketchy work? Who knows? All we know there is an Empire call the Golgol and nothing further explained…

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