Mahou Sensou: Episode 1 – “Midsummer Magical Girl” (真夏の魔法少女)


Where have I seen this before?

Flash Rating: 6
Not a great start,  but it wasn’t terrible. This is just the beginning so things wont make sense right away.


Mahou Sensou opens with Takeshi Nanase going about his daily summer life, when he runs into a young magician and is thrust into a world of magic and warfare. This is the story of his life after becoming a magician.


Takeshi Nanase(七瀬武)
VA: Mamoru Miyano
The male lead. Takeshi is a normal high school freshman who hates being at home. He carries a shinai on him because he is part of the Kendo Club at Sakuraya High School. He uses evasive magic to combat his opponents. His magic manifests in his right eye.
Kurumi Isoshima(五十島 くるみ)
VA: Asami Seto
Kurumi is on of the female leads and Takeshi’s girlfriend. She appears to be from a wealthy family, but still walks to school with Takeshi. She has known him for quite sometime which contributes to their relationship. She uses augmentation magic to change herself or the environment around her. Her magic manifects in a tube of lip gloss she carries in her pocket.
Kazumi Ida(伊田 一三)
VA: Kenichi Suzumura
A friend of Takeshi’s. He is a classmate of Takeshi’s. He has destructive magic that manifests in a skull ring he wears on his right ring finger. His magic appears as ethereal flames. He appears to know how to handle himself as well as Takeshi does with a sword.


Mui Aiba(相羽 六)
VA: Nao Touyama
Mui is a girl from the Magical Academy on the other side of the mirror. She wields a pistol that changes to a long barrel pistol when she charges her magic. She uses thunder-based magic. She was pursued to the other world by her brother who seems to have been brainwashed by “Ghost Trainers.”
Tsuganashi Aiba(相羽 十)
VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Mui’s older brother. He uses a sword with a basket hilt as a medium for his magic. His uses water based magic, but it is not revealed whether it is destructive or evasive. It may be defensive magic.
Takao Oigami(狼神 鷹雄)
VA: Jun Fukuyama
One of the persons after Mui. He wields a large sword and is said to have the same magical ability as Takeshi. He appears to be related to Hotaru in some capacity.
She appears to be important to Takao. She uses a syringe as her magic medium. It is not revealed what type of magic she uses.


Well the one thing the first episode did not lack was dull moments; from the start, I had questions. Why is this little girl fighting her brother? Why does she have a gun? How does Takeshi fend off a massive sword with a shinai? Why did Isoshima breasts grow larger after her magic manifested? How does coming into contact with magic make you a magician? That would mean every person in that world is a magician, given the magicians travel to the other world from time to time. We saw that their magic was pretty much leaking all the time. Why are the main characters exposed magic so coincidentally? I suppose it is somewhat logical because they are close to Takeshi, but still this is a bit much.

Some more questions, where Mui’s “brother” is when the fight goes outside. What happened to the dude that lost his powers, that “de-magicianizing” stuff looked painful. I think when Todd was de-veganized, was much better and hilarious as well. It is probably unimportant, but it would be nice to know. Who are the Ghost Trailers?

I guess the last question is, who is the dude that is living at Takeshi’s house, he seems to be the same age as Takeshi, and also seems to be boning his mom. In addition, Takeshi’s mom seems to hate Takeshi with a passion. IN ADDITION, WTF, the hero comes from a broken household now. I guess that is that formula for a hero everyone can love.

The magic seems interesting I guess everyone has a specialization: Takeshi with evasion magic, Gilgamesh with destruction (fitting), and Isoshima with augmentation. Mui can use thunder-based magic, her brother seems to use, water or ice based. There also seems to be animal related magic or insect based on that one person. They each have a medium for their magic.

I honestly felt like I was watching Code Geass again, minus Spinzaku. Code Geass x Harry Potter. I think one thing that is okay is that the main character seems to have his wits about him. He is not a complete idiot. I liked the use of mirrors with the magical world, the whole “smoke and mirrors,” it was clever, but not that clever. I feel they may play on the mirror bit some more, being that this show will be about warfare, and the world looks to be in ruins, it could be reference to the constant state of conflict in our world, whether it be religious, political, etc.

I did not like that Isoshima’s breasts grew when her magic manifested, that was UNNECESSARY. I could speculate that she always felt inadequate for Takeshi, and her deep internal feelings lead to that happening when her magic manifested….That is the dumbest rationalization ever…

I think there is hope for Mahou Sensou despite the unimaginative name. However, I do not know for now I am hoping nano pumps me up for each episode.

The opening and ending were alright nothing to really get hype for. Background music was okay, I think it did its job nothing to complain about. The character art was pretty lackluster, not outstanding. Yes this was all an afterthought.


Alright so for predictions…


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