Golden Time: Episode 13 – “Summer has come”(サマーハズコム)




The Summer Festival comes and goes. Banri’s summer vacation seems to be filled with misfortune everyday, and Ghost Banri wages war.


WOOOOO more Golden Time more Linda…I mean Kouko… Yea…

Well things seem to be better after Banri agreed to cut ties with Linda and see her as an acquaintance. Moreover, it seemed that there was less tension in the air. However, the one thing that ruined this episode was this fucker.


It is wrong of me however to assume that the ghost is making all these things happen to Banri. It is just a statistical occurrence and Banri is one of the most misfortunate people around. Remind you of anyone? Nevertheless, yeah, I guess it makes a little sense for the ghost to be kicked out of his body; if I knew what part of Japanese culture might have gone into this. If there is no Japanese culture in this and this is purely western influence…then call the fucking Ghost Busters, and let us get this love story moving.

Again, I love everyone facial expressions in this show. Kouko is hilarious all the time, Yui Horie you do a great job of making me laugh and kudos the animation and character design team. Over all Kouko’s character is great, she just makes everything so innocent and childish that you cannot help but laugh.

One thing to note is that when Banri was his old self he remembered the events prior to the crash, now Banri is his new self, and only remembers events after the crash, the time he ran into Linda outside the hospital.

That brings me to another thing, why could Linda not just come clean there, it would have spared everyone so much trouble later, but then we would not have out story now. I wonder what is going to happen now if the ghost is really on a personal vendetta, to make Banri fall in love with Linda. Kouko’s shining persona is the only thing capable of making Ghost Banri go away, but his hatred even permeates that barrier. We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, one more thing! Why did Banri not kiss Kouko? WHYYYYYYYYY?


I think with the New Year my eyes have been opened, and Kouko is suddenly becoming more and more awesome. That or she and Linda are swapping places…

I wonder if Ghost Banri can just go over to Noragami and be Yato’s Sacred Treasure.

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