Wednesday Waifu (#1 Waifu of 2013)

Waifu of 2013 – Linda


2013 was a pretty okay year of anime, there were some good shows and not so good shows. Winter 2013 didnt really have much that appealed to me. Summer was pretty fun with Servant X Service, Love Lab, Monogatari S2 and Watamote. Then in Fall we had some flops and some pretty good stuff. Everyone knows Coppelion was a colossal disaster, Cloo would like to forget, but there is not enough alcohol in the world to help him forget that tragedy. But there are some good shows, Kill la Kill, Golden Time, Nagi no Asukara, Kyoukai no Kanata, Diabolik Lovers (LOL), Infinite Stratos S2(LOLOLOLOLOLOL), Log Horizon, White Album 2 and Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai. That’s quite the list there, and now I’m going to consider all the waifu of these series and pick the one most suited to represent 2013 as Waifu of the year.

The title goes to…Linda or Nana Hayashida from Golden Time. This home wrecking slut of a woman is perfect to represent 2013 in a nutshell. Linda is quite honestly the most perfect girl on the outside. She is charismatic, outgoing, affable. She knows how to have fun and she is always there for her friends and family. She has beautiful brown hair, with these amazing blue eyes that you just want to drown in. And her body… well lets suffice to say – DAMN!

But within her she harbors a deeper secret. Her inability to deal with things has turned her into an uncontrollable monster. Her need to try to be an adult ruined a marriage. Her inability to come to terms with her feelings almost ruined another relationship, but if not for the majestic goddess that is Kouko Kaga, Golden Time would have turned into a shipwreck comparable to Coppelion. So thank you Kouko, where ever you are. But today we are not here to celebrate Kouko we are here to celebrate Linda in all her glory.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I invite you all to next weeks Waifu Wednesday, and I implore you so that nothing like this happens again. Linda does not deserve to be waifu of the year, but because I am a shallow egotistical maniac…I chose her. Because you’d have to be crazy to love this girl. But in all seriousness it would be cool to see what other people would like to have nominated and written about. Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with our first waifu of 2014. This one will be limited to the series that are airing right now, as in the series that started this winter season. I know people have already started scouting for who is waifu material, share that information with us. You might even convert me from the Church of Linda.

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