Noragami: Episode 1 – “A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail”

Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_12.30_[2014.01.07_20.16.16]Initial Rating: 6/10

Typical Shounen hugely reminiscent of Blue Exorcist and Bleach with the glorious voice of Araragi from Monogatari. This show is entertaining but lacks originality.

Noragami (ノラガミ)

Studio: Bones

Third-rate God Yato aspires to build his own shrine based on 5 yen small offerings in return for his help. Yato’s Sacred Treasure – a girl that can morph into a weapon used by Yato – quits and leaves him looking for small time jobs. MMA fanatic Hiyori Iki can somehow see Yato and attempts to save him from traffic but ends up having her soul separated from her body setting her in between the “Far Shore” and the “Near Shore.” She somehow can’t manage to keep her soul in her own body and ends up helping Yato escape a phantom and finish a small time job.



Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_00.48_[2014.01.07_20.11.46]Yato (夜ト)

VA: Hiroshi Kamiya

Overly ambitious God that wishes to become the most praised and wealthiest with the most followers (sort of like twitter). He wears a jersey track suit with a bandana and has an incredibly cocky attitude. Yato sounds useless without a weapon (Sacred Treasure) and despite having godly strength, he appears to be pretty helpless.


Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_07.40_[2014.01.07_20.13.07]Hiyori Iki (壱岐 ひより)

VA: Maaya Uchida

Cute and very typical high school girl that is obsessed with MMA. Throughout the first episode you see her trying to save Yato twice but it seems to be a part of her personality to put herself in danger for others. Her pink eyes and non-linear mentality make her fairly appealing.


Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_00.57_[2014.01.07_20.11.54]Tomone

VA: Asami Imai

Tomone is a Sacred Treasure which so far means that she can form into a weapon to be used by combat gods like Yato. She is kind of a pampered jerk and helps reveal Yato’s initial outward character.


Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_06.32_[2014.01.07_20.12.55]Ami and Yama:

Two of Hiyori’s friends. Typical and simply supporting characters.



My first impression of this show was based on the fact that Yato is voiced by the same guy that voices Koyomi Araragi from Monogatari and Bones is the main studio. As much as I love both Bones and Monogatari, Noragami feels like the typical Shounen formula similar to a mix of Soul Eater with Blue Exorcist, both series that I really do not care for (Soul Eater I despised). The premise of the story is actually pretty interesting and is a bit intriguing and the pacing of the first episode flowed well and introduced our two main protagonists well enough to pull my attention. I can’t say much about the art besides it’s strong Shounen Manga influence which actually reminds me of Yozakura Quartet (the second season has amazing panty shots art work and highly recommended to watch).

Noragami Ep1.mp4_snapshot_12.22_[2014.01.07_20.16.08]

Araragi + Noragami = Araragami.

Nothing is really explained in the first episode but it sets up the story and characters pretty well. How and why is Yato a God and why has he always been considered a third-rate God? Usually most intriguing story telling these days comes from the, “zero to hero,” archetype but we have yet to see a great introduction from Yato. Also, why was Hiyori able to see Yato while everyone else was not aware of his existence? Usually freak coincidences don’t really play out very well and create ridiculous plot holes that take away from entertainment value since they require more backstory. I pray this show does not turn into the new Bleach.

There’s a whole lot of necessary information on Hiyori that we need… It really does feel like a reversed Bleach with Hiyori’s soul leaving her body laying around, but the whole “Far Shore,” and “Near Shore,” business might be a bit overwhelming.

Predictions for Next Week:

Still so much more has to be introduced to this show. It was a great introduction but leaves way more crucial information. If this is a 12 episode season we should learn a bit more about Yato and Hiyori coming up.


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