Nagi no Asukara Episode 13 (Mid-season Finale) – “The Fingertips That Can’t Reach”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2013.12.27_20.47.07]It’s hard to endure such a powerful episode in this series. I’m just hoping the series can keep up with this level of emotion.

Mid-series Rating: 9/10

Manaka has tea with Tsumugu after getting caught in the net last episode and explains to Tsumugu that he is like the sun to her, bright but unreachable. Afterwards, Manaka heads back to Shioshishio and runs into Hikari. Hikari gives his proper confession and expresses to her that she will always be precious to him whether she loves him back or not. Everyone continues on with the Ofunehiki and marriage when the Sea God abruptly shows up to accept Akari as a sacrifice and tries to pull her into the sea. Chaos breaks loose as Hikari and Manaka dive into the flurry of vortexes to save Akari while Chisaki and Kaname attempt to rescue Tsumugu. After pulling Tsumugu onto the boat, an accident occurs and Kaname falls into the sea underneath a giant bridge pillar. Manaka trades places with Akari and sacrifices herself in Akari’s place and as Hikari shows up he is buffeted away by the vortex supposedly to the wrath of the Sea God.


The episode started from where last episode left after Tsumugu coincidentally catches Manaka. Now this scene has pretty mixed messages but I feel that this was not a confession in anyway. Manaka uses a small anecdote from when she was a child mentioning that she wasn’t allowed to go to the surface but would stare at the sun. She metaphorically calls Tsumugu her sun but only in the way that he is amazing to her but he is something that is out of reach, or simply not a romantic figure to her. He is always there when someone needs some strength and stands out to others when someone feels lost.

Following up was Hikari’s confession to Manaka. I felt that sense of looming dread here especially after Manaka says that, “After it’s [the Ofunehiki] done, I’ll tell you.” You can’t have a scene this powerful and a show with that looming sense of chaos without an emotional build up. I think Manaka was actually intending on confessing her true feelings to Hikari before they go into hibernation. Love story x Tragedy.

Despite all the events going on the past few episodes, the one person taking it all the hardest is Kaname. Kaname is the silent observer of the group (in contrast to Tsumugu who is also a silent observer but ends up intervening in situations and being a source of reason) but begins to speak up as the hibernation comes looming around the corner. I’d like to point out how shaky and awkward his latest confession to Chisaki was: he sounds a bit desperate and even mentions how he had his first big fight with his parents. He clearly isn’t in a calm sense of mind despite his outward appearance. I feel for the guy, having his heart out of whack with the fear of possibly never getting to Chisaki.

The main event in this episode and for the mid season finale has to do with the sudden and abrupt appearance of the Sea God. I am sensing some kind of evil in this whole situation being supported by Uroko’s lack of shock including silencing Hikari’s father. Besides that, the Sea God wasn’t expected to even make an appearance but wreaks havoc and potentially bringing despair to Chisaki and Akari. There was a bit of buildup prior to Manaka’s sacrifice based on her interaction with Miuna but Nagi plays these scenes so well transitioning into other events to pull the attention away from the foreshadowing.

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.35_[2013.12.27_20.51.58]

Lastly, based on the preview and Miuna’s dialogue, Hikari also never returns to the surface after Manaka is taken as the sacrifice. This leaves Chisaki and Akari as the only people from Shioshishio to escape the hibernation. I can’t make much of a prediction based on this and whether Kaname, Manaka, or Hikari are okay is a mystery.

Anyone else getting that Shinsekai Yori vibe from this episode?


I don’t think Akari nor Miuna are going to take everything so well. Miuna was always talking about being together with Hikari and tries to save both Hikari and Akari. It’s really sad but I don’t think we’re going to jump ahead more than a year before events start to move again. Where is Manaka?

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