Coppelion Episode 13 – “Angel” (END)

[HorribleSubs] Coppelion - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.42_[2013.12.26_19.56.51]Goodbye. You won’t be missed.

Rating: 2/10 (Bad)


  • Background noise.
  • Great Environment Scenery


  • Poor and Boring Character Designs
  • Bad Plot Pacing
  • Annoying Color Tint


Leaving off from last episode, Ibara fights the iron spider being controlled by Kanon Ozu. Using electricity slowely saps away Kanon’s life and as per Ibara’s personality, she offers help. After a bit of talking, Ibara manages to drop and dowse Kanon with a water tower, disabling the machine and felling Kanon. With a bout of mystery heroism, Ibara rescues both Kanon and Shion from the wreckage. The final episode closes with Ibuki giving a successful birth to twins and the Coppelion girls returning to the old capital with a now transformed Ozu sisters.


This was absolutely one of the worst shows I’ve ever had to endure. I honestly told myself not to drop any shows I have picked up to review when starting NPC and I stuck to it but this may be the last time. I should apologize for having nothing but negative opinions about this show but I seriously see no literary or entertainment value in such a trainwreck of a series.

As far as my thoughts on this episode itself, I hated it. Where did the water tower come from during the iron spider fight? Every fight so far has some precariously placed advantage for Ibara that appears out of seemingly no where. I’m all for sudden twists in stories or fight scenes but she literally pulls something right out of thin air with a, “it’s my chance!” sort of dialogue like the vantage point was predetermined. It’s like if there were a fight scene where a protagonist was losing a sword fight, he would suddenly and intentionally smack a tree that summons the will of God to drop down a giant Godly thumb and smear the opposition. Or surprise bazooka, whatever. And this is happening in every single fight scene since the show started. Anyways, that fight scene was anticlimactic and I understand the series goes on in the manga, but even the manga doesn’t do the series any justice. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of horrible plot.

Kanon and Shion are magically transformed from psychotic sociopaths into regular members of humanity all because Ibara reaches out to save their lives and announces that they became friends. How, when, and where did this happen before? Did I completely miss an episode where Ibara and Kanon sat down to talk about friendship? Kanon and Shion hated humanity and anything that stood up for it and they’re suddenly pardoned of all their crimes because of friendship. I get it, it’s touching and Ibara is purely empathy incarnate and wants to save all living beings but amidst all the tears and bullshit dramatic sequences you can’t suddenly transform a homicidal sociopath with a hand of grace. I guess you could, the concept sounds appealing but it all happening in mere minutes is hands down just bad logic.

The dramatic tears. Everyone suddenly crying doesn’t create emotion nor does it make the viewer feel any more attached to the character. In this case it was an overused trope which seriously detached me from the characters, and where the main theme of the story is about human ethics, this really made the puppet girls appear as fake as they are portrayed.

Final Thoughts:

Not having any knowledge of the manga and reading the plot concept on anicharts this show sounded absolutely appealing. I had heard of the show K from GoHands and I was warned prior to watching Coppelion of how annoying their color style was, HOWEVER, K was a decent show and worth a watch.

I’m all about those post-apocalyptic themed stories due to my obsession with zombie flicks. And what I expected from Coppelion wasn’t even close to what I got. Sending school uniform clad teenage girls into a radiation torn concrete forest with nothing but a few vials of cure-all and an all purpose luger was a pretty dumb move. Unique but dumb. And teenege girls the were; emotional, overly dramatic, and clearly inexperienced girls with zero unique characteristics despite overly exaggerated quirks that caused more cringe than connection.

Coppelion forces the themes of humanity and ethics down your throat – which in their defence is a very strong story telling concept – trying to give us an imaginary perspective from these “puppets” but suddenly that gets thrown out the window and the plot goes haywire from horrid pacing to unclear objectives. One episode, the girls get stuck in a situation and we’re given the opportunity to connect with the characters, but it all gets lost in translation with forced emotional situations and the incredibly bad pacing. The 1st division pop up halfway through the series and it takes the remaining episodes to go nowhere like we’re expecting to get a second season.

The concept of death? A bunch of people end up missing or dying but I never found myself feeling any slight remorse and not a hint of sincere feelings from the protagonists. For example, in this season’s show Outbreak Company – which comparably has not only a horrible concept but also pretty horrible plot – I felt sincere emotions from the characters and had a lot more connection with the characters. Haruto sacrifices himself with the 1st Division leader, Houdini, and I felt absolutely nothing. Everytime Ibara cried, it only lasted a second and we move on to the next terrible checkpoint in the story. I’m not even being biased for whatever reason I may have!

The color? I’ll give GoHands the benefit of the doubt and say that the scenery was stunning despite the annoying color tint but in every other animated scene the overlay took away from the ambience of the environment that you may as well be watching the show in black and white monotone. Terrible.

If anyone has an extra questions or wants to know more about my thoughts, I’ll gladly give them, but I really want to rid myself of this series for good as quickly as possible. How did this garbage even get it’s own anime release?

Overall Score: 2/10 (Below average and avoid at all costs)

Story: 1/10

Concept was unique based on anicharts but I feel like it was simply a turd painted gold. Terrible pacing and uninteresting events make this show seem like it had so little effort actually put into it. The characters were far too underdeveloped and no time was taken into actually creating any connections with the protagonists themselves. Backstory is more or less a mystery besides everyone in the Coppelion division having a similar origin but little is ever revealed on any individual character. The concluding episode of the series – along with the entire series for that matter – felt unfinished and unfulfilling.

Sound/Music: 3/10

Bland. I didn’t necessarily enjoy either OP or ED for this series. Nothing special or out of the ordinary for this series and it never complimented any of the scenes or events.

Voice Acting: 5/10

5/10 meaning absolutely average. There were a few well known voice actors but besides that no one ever stood out and despite having overly emotional scenes, the efforts of the voice actors fell short of their proper recognition.

Art Style: 3/10

Inconsistent to say the least. The still scenes of the environment and the backdrop images were amazing when not being sullied by the terrible color overlay. Coppelion had that unique manga art style where certain scenes were heavily outlined but that was dropped somewhere during the series. A lot of the moving scenes were simple 3d rendered hallways which looked like a middle school art project. Character designs were nothing to take much look at especially practically being monotone and boring. Kanon and Shion stood out as the more interesting characters by design but that didn’t make up for the rest of the series.

Animations/Effects: 3/10

Again nothing here special in particular. There were some 3d rendering but it was constantly forced out of perspective with the 2d drawings being conveniently placed around. Animation was a bit lazy and fewer than necessary frames were used for simple motion.

Originality: 2/10

Like I have said before, the concept of Coppelion was glorious and interesting but this show fell flat on everything. This series does not stand out. Boring and generic character tropes and events that never were very interesting. Post-apocalyptic setting wasn’t even apocalyptic in any way.

Overall Enjoyability: 0/10

Boring. It was a chore to watch each episode. The last episode was enraging to watch due to how sudden everything had been occurring. I won’t even take a second glance at this series.

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I am half Korean from my mother's side while the other half is a mix of Cherokee Indian and German I grew up in Seoul, Korea swimming competitively and playing Counter-Strike, Halo 3, and Call of Duty semi-professionally for cash prizes. My favorite anime series include FMA, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Steins;Gate, and Gurren Lagann among others.

3 Responses to Coppelion Episode 13 – “Angel” (END)

  1. Masyita says:

    agree, I regret my decision to watch this and
    disappointed when I watched this
    anime. I mean, if you want to
    explain the character of the
    existing figure, why not start
    a bit slow or step by step? Instead of spilling it
    on the 4th episode immediately
    before the story ends. Also on
    the dramatic parts are a bit
    messy and confusing. I think if they want to
    make this anime better, at least
    make it more than 13 episode, where
    at least you can explain the
    nature of the characters or their
    relationship to each other. Which
    made me confused and curious
    is Haruto Kurosawa relationship
    with Naruse Ibara. What’s up
    with the crying scenes are not
    clear it?! Argh!

  2. Niichanmechan says:

    I stopped at ep 7 I could not understand such weak girls. OMG and that girl would not shut up. The only entertaining part was the Crazy chics and then they were gone… ” What’s up
    with the crying scenes are not
    clear it?! Argh!”

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