Nagi no Asukara Episode 12 – “Wanting To Be Gentle”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.11_[2013.12.22_10.18.25]Tears, confessions, and sadness. The hibernation draws near and the kids are on edge.

Sorry for the late release! I was a bit… preoccupied and managed to get out of bed to finish this.

The episode opens up to Miuna and Sayu gathering flowers for the upcoming wedding when Hikari’s father shows up to introduce himself to Miuna. Sayu instinctively reacts by attacking Miuna’s Grandfather-to-be only to get scolded. Scene’s switch to Manaka, Chisaki, and Tsumugu going into the city to do some wardrobe shopping for Akari’s wedding robes which they pick out a robe with special fabric that reflects off of Ena. Tsumugu ask Manaka and Chisaki to accompany him while he meets his mother so he can use them as an escape to avoid talking with her for too long. On returning to Shioshishio Hikari, who is also preparing for the Ofunehiki, catches Manaka’s attention once again showing a bit of a romantic moment.

The kids return to Shioshishio and witness two children, the first of the citizens to fall into hibernation, laying limp in their parent’s arms. They all return to their old classroom to reminisce when Kaname loses his cool and confront Hikari about his interest in Manaka. Hikari confesses in front of his friends causing Manaka to flee. Before Hikari could catch up to Manaka, Chisaki chases after Hikari and confesses her feelings towards him. The episode concludes with Manaka swimming towards the surface only to get caught up in Tsumugu’s fishing net once again.


Miuna calls Hikari’s father Grandpa! It’s adorable and I’m really excited to see how that becomes a development for the decision to keep Hikari with Akari on the surface during the hibernation.

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.15_[2013.12.22_01.51.13]

Subtle, Sayu.

This is pretty much the episode that everyone has been waiting for. Despite the pressure from Kaname, Hikari manages to openly confess to Manaka and Chisaki to Hikari. So far besides those confessions, Hikari and Manaka don’t know about Kaname’s confession, Manaka never has confessed to anyone, and no one still really knows much about Tsumugu (besides his unusual behavior towards his mother). To the kids, the hibernation pretty much means death to them since no one knows what comes after they fall asleep which serves as a strong catalyst leading to the mass confessing.

In regards to the effects of the confessions, Hikari and Chisaki avoid openly confessing in fear of ruining the circle of friendship. I feel like even Manaka is afraid that if she expressed her feelings for Tsumugu more than Hikari would also get overprotective towards her even though he openly expresses his acceptance of his sister. Chisaki even seems to want to avoid the confession because she hopes Manaka will continue chasing Tsumugu, however, Kaname wants Chisaki to see that Hikari is already set on Manaka; it’s really sad for Kaname since he actually shows how much the upcoming calamity is taking a toll on his nerves. After the confessions, while Manaka is lost and swimming towards the surface, she is frantically in thought searching for the place where she would feel at ease just as an image of the, “manly,” Hikari pops into her head. I’m sure if Tsumugu hadn’t so rudely interrupted, she would have returned to Hikari since he makes her feel the most secure.

He always shows up at the best and worst times.

He always shows up at the best and worst times.

In this episode, Tsumugu and Kaname shine a bit more though still show little redeeming factor in becoming a more important part of the story. Surely Kaname may be acting rashly and forcing the plot to thicken, but his time shouldn’t be coming until later. Tsumugu, on the other hand, reveals his relationship with his mother but it is still unclear how that will affect the story in the long run. Chisaki mentions to Tsumugu that, “Intuitive boys aren’t very popular…” probably regarding his silent involvement in their whole situation picking up on cues and serving as everyone’s sea slug. It’d be interesting to see a turn of events leading Chisaki to be drawn more towards Tsumugu than Hikari.

Next week I will probably be doing a mid-series overview due to Winter season starting up. So expect my personal evaluated grade on the series so far.


I don’t like how Tsumugu shows up at the end, but I think Manaka will still continue turning towards Hikari. I think everyone will come to their senses a bit and settle their conflicts at least until after the Ofunehiki and Akari’s wedding. I also sense tragedy. Kaname is clearly in a rut and is being looked at as the bad guy.

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