Coppelion Episode 12 – “Promise”

Spare me.

Spare me.

How to destroy a series in 13 episodes.

Ibara hasn’t learned of Haruto’s “demise.” The Ozu sisters show up to fight with Ibara again and are offered mercy and shelter. After a pointless dramatic scene Kanon declines and sends Shion to fight with Ibara only to get caught in a pre-determined trap that leaves Shion under a slab of concrete. The train arrives as planned to pick up Ibara, Aoi, Nosense, and the remaining survivors of the 1st Division. Ibara is informed of Haruto’s demise but recovers unusually quickly. Also, Taeko is forced to perform a C-section on Ibuki, choosing to attempt to save both mother and child despite being asked to choose to save one by Granny Ayame. The episode ends with the train successfully leaving the contamination area and the train being pursued by the destroyed Iron Spider being controlled by Kanon.


(I took a look at the Manga after all this. The manga also strongly lacks in story development as well but this anime adaptation does not do any justice.)

Did you even try GoHands? How can you cripple such a great concept with such terrible plot?

The plot is still in lightspeed, creating a wreck of a story. So much happens in this episode in such a lackluster and overly dramatic way that I feel like I’m being force fed through a high pressure golden funnel. Ibuki’s father has a boring sappy monologue about Haruto’s actions even though you couldn’t even feel like they had any moments together based on the rapid pacing of last weeks episode, the fight with the Ozu sisters was anti-climactic and made little sense, Ibara is far too empathetic even risking the safety of her friends, why even include crying scenes when there were never any actual moments in this series where I would feel attached to any of the characters to care if they died, a bomb placed conveniently above Shion, Aoi crying, Ibara crying again, the choice to save either Ibuki or her child was unecessary and there was no emotional attachment to either, the overdramatic scene where the train leaves the contamination zone while Ibara gives a useless speech like there was even a hint of a chance of failure, Shion crying at the end, and suddenly Kanon can pull a Biribiri and control machines with nothing but electricity. None of it makes sense. Coppelion continually has events where a character is having an emotional breakdown but there are hardly any points in the show where they actually allow the viewer to connect with any of them.

This show is just an overdramatic mess. The events that took place in the last two episodes could have easily been stretched out over more episodes and accomplished more. So little character development with so little relevant back story just keeps leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Even the fight scenes which take up half of this show are boring and anti-climactic: fight starts, conveniently placed advantage for Ibara, fight finishes with some empathetic dialogue.


Final fight, Ibara offers to save Kanon again, Kanon chooses death, Haruto shows up, Ibara cries, Ibuki and child survive, and everyone is happy. Of course. Why wouldn’t there be a happy ending?

 SPOILER: Apparently Kanon survives. Why does that feel disappointing?

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