Golden Time Episode 12 – “Don’t look back”


The party heats up as Mitsuo joins some bodybuilders to pose for the party, Linda gets into the groove taking “friendly” photos, and Banri is nearly assaulted by some party goers. Linda comes to his rescue, but before they know it they are put into a situation that put them closer than they should be. All the while Kouko is searching for Banri, when she finds he is not at his apartment she looks all over town and conveniently finds the venue of the party also finding Banri and Linda in a very provocative pose. Kouko splashes Banri with a drink and slaps him. Linda tries to diffuse to situation, but Nana comes to drag Linda away. Banri takes Kouko to the dressing room where he tries to explain what was going on to a despondent Kouko. He gives her the keys to his apartment and asks for her to wait there until he can get his pay.

After the party Banri rushes back to find Kouko sitting in the dark. Kouko apologizes again for her actions, and explains she is trying to be a good person, but is still impulsive. Banri immediately expresses his deep regret for what transpired. Banri explains that he wanted to a proper boyfriend and pay for their trip in the summer. Kouko responds by revealing she found the picture of Banri and Linda from when they were in high school, prompting Banri to explain his past and what he remembers of his strong feelings for Linda. He explains he kept everything a secret to keep Kouko from worrying about him. Kouko feels heartbroken, and reveals how she had been trying to be understanding of everything that was going on between Banri and Linda, and that she was trying to be supporting and trusting of Banri. Kouko pleads with Banri that he forget about Linda, and their relationship deepens.

Banri meets Linda to discuss their friendship. Banri explains he wants to avoid Linda for Kouko’s sake and tries to tear up their photo, but deep down he cannot do it. Linda takes it and tears it up agreeing that it is a proper move to take so they can avoid anything like the events at the party. It is revealed that inside Linda was not being truthful there. We end with Banri and Kouko taking pictures to create memories of their relationship.

GT EP12 SC11


Linda is making this difficult for no reason at this point. We see that this episode she had attended the party four times before. So she knew what she was getting herself into. And she knew Banri’s situation yet she still took advantage of all of that. Linda please…

It does not help that as Linda was tearing up the photo we see she was still hiding her feelings. I believe it was the right thing for her to do, because if she told Banri she loved him back it would screw things royally. We can expect Linda to reveal her feelings later though, so we will see how Banri handles things then.

Other than this, Kouko is definitely the best girl this show now. She is super understanding despite her selfish impetuous nature and she is doing things that girls of her archetype would not do normally. Banri is lucky to have her and now he is definitely moving in the right direction to advance their relationship. But considering we are just about halfway through the series, there is bound to be some more drama that will cause a storm.

I know that Linda who has been unable to admit her feelings will do so at some point, forcing Banri to make a decision once and for all who he will choose. I am also wondering if there will be any drama on Kouko’s side of things if anyone from her past may intervene to push Banri out of the picture. Kouko being the daughter of a prominent doctor, she is bound to have acquaintances with powerful people that could easily push Banri around and make him feel he is undeserving of this relationship. We are also sure to see some sort of development between Chinami and Mitsuo if it is meant to be.


Some relationships, college life, and the Festival.

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